My favourite new season colours: crushing on nudes and greys…

I have developed a little obsession with  with buying everything I find in nude and grey lately!

The colours just seem to be all over the shops, instagram and the internet! Nude is such a pretty summer shade, and definitely compliments a tan. Not to mention it goes with EVERYTHING! Were as I think grey is a great spring/summer alternative to black, just with the way you can style it. Not that anything can ever come close to ‘all black everything’. But I just own way too much black for one person, and I need to learn to embrace prettier colours for the summer…

Anyway here are my nude and grey picks at the minute:


Nude Mesh Dress – £35 Misguided















Light Pink shirt dress – £25 (left)

Bag – River island £40 (Above)




Light Grey Knit Skirt – £3 Primark/White Long sleeved Top – £12 TopShop/Nude Boots – £35 ego


Light Grey Knit Tank – £19.00 Zara/Jeans – £38 Topshop/Grey Tie Back boots – £40 PD
Jacket – £30 New Look (Pictured in both)












Trainers – Adiddas Gazelles £70





As you can see, I’ve purchased quite a variety of items, that can be both dressed up and down. My favourite items are the missguided nude little dress (LND needs to be a thing!). And I love the New Look bomber jacket, just because it’s so light weight and versatile…perfect for summer!

What do you think of my purchases? Comment below!


Styling new Season denim: Dissertation V Date

Most people love the new florals that come with spring summer every year. However for me, I love the new denim that pops up around the same time.

Before I wrote this post, I had the idea of styling my new denim as a casual look, and as night time look. However, as I rooted around my wardrobe, I realised I had absolutely no idea of how to style a denim pinafore, to make it acceptable to be downing jager bombs in…or cocktails if you’re feeling a bit more classy. So I took my two items of new season denim, and decided to create a ‘dissertation look’, ie something you’d wear to library or a lecture. And a ‘date look’, ie something smart casual, that you couldn’t quite get away with on a night out…well probably in Sunderland you could.

Both the pinafore and the denim shirt are from Topshop. I tend to get all my denim from Topshop, as I like the quality and I think the price is quite reasonable.

Here is how I styled my new season denim:


Look 1: ‘Dissertation’                                        Look 2: ‘Date’


Seen as it’s officially spring, I decided to go bare legged in both looks. For the casual look I decided to keep it simple and comfy ,with gazelles and a plain white top. It’s a perfect library outfit, as I won’t get too hot and nothings tight. I’ll probably layer it up with a bomber jacket till it gets warmer.

For the ‘date’ look, I decided to style the denim with my new nude 70s style boots from ego. It’s my favorite look in this post, as it’s on trend, without being too other the top! Definitely going to be wearing this for all the celebrating the end of uni cocktails, I plan on having! Also, it’s hard to tell from the image, but the crinkle top underneath has the same colours running through it, as the boots. As I like to keep things coordinating most of the time.


Look 3: ‘Dissertation’                                           Look 4: ‘Date’


For my casual look, I couldn’t not style a denim shirt casually, without doing double denim! The boots give me a bit of needed height. As the shirt falls quite low down on me…resulting in my short legs looking even shorter than usual! I’ll probably shot this on for seminar, with a statement bag.

For my ‘date look’, I honestly struggled so much! It’s so hard to dress a denim shirt up! In the end as you can see, I just went with the shirt open, over a LBD. I decided to carry on wearing the boots, in contrast to the heels, I’d normally wear with a LBD. Just as I feel it makes the look slightly more casual.


So what do you think of the looks? Let me know in the comments!

Contouring: Powder V Cream

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll know I’m a big fan of contouring. However, you’ll also know I’ve stuck religiously to powder! click here for powder only contouring guide

However, there’s been a big hype around the Anastasia cream contour kit, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try it out.  However, I’ve also heard some negative reviews of the product, and it can look really over the top if the wrong shades are used.

So my mission here is to find the most natural look of powder versus cream…which is a bit ironic considering I’m talking about contouring your face right now! You’ll find a list all of the products used below.



Note: both photos are not filtered, however the right photo was taken with flash.


Left (Powder):

Highlighter – Mac defining powder
Shading – Bourjois Paris Bronzer
Bronzer – Sleek contouring pallet shade brozner


Right (Cream):

Highlighter – Benefit high beam and Mac liquid concealer
Shading -Anastasia Beverly contour kit


The verdict:

I’d definitely say the powder is the most natural looking, however I actually prefer the cream. Although I will carry on using the powder for a day time look, as I prefer not to wear too much heavy make-up during the day. The Anastasia Beverly contour kit is so easy to blend, and the coverage from Mac liquid concealer is honestly the best concealer I’ve come across…I definitely recommend you give them a try!

Going traveling to find yourself?

As the last few weeks of university are approaching, the sheer real world panic is making me question everything.

As I boarded my plane to my first destination in America, I thought I had my life sorted… I’ve got an amazing house lined up for next year, with an offer in a masters subject I really want to do, at my current university.

However, after visiting some amazing places in America, meeting new people, and just generally having experiences I never thought i’d ever have a 21…why would I want to stay in quiet and mostly boring student city. Maybe it’s time for something new?

I turned to my friend and said, at our age dating, is that what being single is all about? He said no, it’s about finding yourself. I laughed at that point, it’s such a cliche isn’t it? But now I believe, experiencing new things and places, while being single at the same time. Really does lead to finding yourself. It gives you a selfish perspective on both what you’re capable of, and what you really want in life. And for me, it just made me rethink everything.

What I’ve got hopefully lined up,  isn’t really that amazing. The city doesn’t have the same buzz as London or New York, but it’s not Sunderland…and to me, that’s scary! Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be really cliche and say I’ve met some amazing people at Universities. And had so many memories that I’ll look back and smile on forever! And obviously the pound drinks are going to be one of the hardest things to say bye to. But I guess it’s now time to find questionable ‘champagne’ and cheaper jager bombs somewhere else.