Black is always best…

…Or at least a key part of my wardrobe!
When it comes to this time a year, it’s always a struggle to buy clothes with colour! It hasn’t really ever been an issue for me before, I just love wearing all black. Everyone who knows me, definitely knows I’m a nightmare for this. (Don’t even get me started on my lbd collection!)
However i’m off to Austin, Texas next month, and it’s going to be around 25 degrees…so unfortunately I can’t really turn up with a full black wardrobe!  I’ve recently just started buying the first few bits, only to realise I’ve definitely excelled at purchasing all black…even for me.
So here’s the start of my holiday wardrobe/clothes for spring summer 2016.
As soon as I saw these shorts in topshop, I realise they definitely weren’t me. My thighs are my least favorite part of my body, so I tend to avoid showing them off. (I’ve only just started wearing denim shorts in the last year!)
However, as soon as I got them on, I realised how comfy they were! Plus the lace detailing is sooo pretty. Also they’re quite stretchy so I won’t feel too bad about a few holiday pounds…I’m going to America after all!
The cami top is more of a rose red in person, and even though I already own a few Topshop camis, the colour was too pretty to resist.
Outfit Total: £40
Top £16, Shorts £24 (Both Topshop)
I’ve been quite a big fan of the lace up trend. So when I saw this grey dress, I knew it’d definitely be something I’d live in.
I feel like the trend has been quite dressy. However, this dress has been a way of nailing the trend a lot more casually. I’d wear this dress during the day, with my beloved black gazelles.
However, I’m also off to New York for 4 days, and the temperature will be at least 10 degrees. So I decided to finally purchase a bomber jacket! I’m a massive fan of leather jackets, but having lived in mine for years now, I felt it was time for something a bit different. However, I tend to dress quite girly, so I didn’t think I’d wear it much…but I haven’t taken it off!

 Outfit Total: £85
Dress £30, Jacket £55 (Both Topshop)


I’d just like to point out that this top is meant crinkly, it’s not that I’ve forgot where my iron is! I’ve never really been a fan of off the shoulder tops. As most of the time, they’re not very flattering are they? However I bit the bullet here, and I don’t think I regret it. White is the perfect holiday colour…especially when it comes to showing off a tan! The top is layered, however here, i’ve tooked the layers into the skirt.

Denim skirts are EVERYWHERE again, and this quite a bit different to the one I purchased before (click here to view)…so that’s how I justified buying it!
I think with denim skirts, they can be easily dressed up or down. But I quite like how I’ve styled this casual monochrome look.
Outfit Total: £53
Top £25 (Miss Selfridge)  Skirt £28 (Topshop)
I feel like I’ve made a fairly decent start to my spring/summer wardrobe. Comment and let me know what you think!

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