Third year breakdowns

12659626_10205805525322777_670935135_nThird year breakdowns are definitely a thing. So much pressure, but at the the same time I’ve got so little motivation.
It’s just that I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life feeling that really gets to you. Like what if I have to move home? What if I can’t get a job? And what will I even watch on netflix…there won’t even be much left by that point?
I feel like I’ve just got out of my ‘third year breakdown’…So basically spending the majority of my time, hiding in bed all day in denial,  watching Netflix and Tom Hardy films. This was also combined with visiting friends across the country (just to avoid Sunderland), and too many jager bombs (obviously).
What’s caused me to snap out of rut was just putting into context of how things would turn out if I didn’t get my arse into gear! And I’m really not prepared to let that happen!
I’m hopefully studying a MA in marketing, and living in a fairly nice house as far student houses go! I’m off to America and Amsterdam within the next few months. I’ve just generally got so much to look forward too this year. but it just took me time to realise I really can’t enjoy everything, without getting my arse to the library ASAP!
So here’s a photo of me looking really happy with my new found motivation, i’m completely ready for anything 2016 throws at me!  12696768_10205805392999469_418815966_o
Luce x

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