Thoughts that go through your head when he picks the film…

1.Here we go again, another bloody Marvel film! Why do I never get to pick the film? Why can’t we watch that new rom-com…it’d be so much more realistic! A man that turns into an ant…really?
2. Let me just Google the film length to mentally prepare…for god’s sake, why is this film sooooo long?!! If a film is over 2 and a half hours, I shouldn’t be made to sit through it. Unless it’s Harry Potter or if they make a Notebook 2 obviously.
3.This better be worth it later.
4.Might just take a nap on your shoulder. Yes good shout Luce, it’ll all be over soon.
5.Actually wait a second, that actor Chris Evans is actually quite fit! Now you can’t blame me for using this as ammunition to wind you up later. Ohhhh he’s just took his top off…
6.Stop resting your knee on the seat in front, you’tre blocking the view! No I don’t care what I said about napping, I wanna see this man topless!
7.Alright…no need to sulk. Sooooo, when’s the next Marvel film out? This is almost as good as Magic Mike!
8.No I am not waiting around for the credits to end though, he’s put his top back on now. Can’t you just Youtube the ending? If it was actually good, don’t you think they’d just put it in the film.

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