Can the 70s be sexy?

Rate it or hate it, 70’s fashion seems to be sticking around.
I first blogged about 70s fashion in the spring (click here to view), but now the 70s is also being echoed so much throughout our going out dresses. No, I’m not talking about bright florals and swing dresses, more bodycons and LBDs.
I’ve bought a few new dresses for freshers week, and just generally for student nights, and I’ve realised how 70’s inspired all my choices are! Please note all these dresses are under £36. I am a student after all…
The first dress is from Topshop at around £34. The thing that drew my eyes to it, was the lovely 70’s rust colour that seems to be everywhere at the minute. The style is very similar to previous Topshop dresses, but I thought it was quite flattering, and pretty none the less.
The lace pattern is pictured below, and is so pretty. Although I 12026695_10205102451986383_1114687284_nnormally associate lace (apart from black) with the summer, with this dress being such an autumn colour, I think I’ll definitely get my wear out of it this season!
The one downside to this dress is that if you wear rings, BE CAREFUL. Lace can, and will catch! For the dress pictured on, click here!
12029231_10205102453626424_1428721586_nMy next two picks focused on the current 70’s lace up trend.
Firstly, on the lace up trend, is this LBD from Missguided at £36. I have a wardrobe full of black dresses, but you can’t really go wrong with another can you? LBD’s never go out of fashion, and I lucy bloginstantly feel slimmer, and just
generally better about myself in a black dress…well that’s how I justify owning so many anyway!
Right, I’m not going to lie, this dress looks rubbish on the hanger. And for a size 6, it looks huuuuge!
However on is a completely different story! The material is crepe, which I thought was a bit strange at first. However, it’s a bit thicker which will be good for the winter… that’s if I decide to brave the post-night out walk home. (Not going to lie, I’m probably going to get a taxi from October).  You can’t really go wrong with long sleeves either. Definitely my new favourite LBD!
12032602_10205102460706601_1287830981_n 12033777_10205102452906406_1988245086_n
My last purchase was this ‘olive’ green lace up dress from ASOS. I paid around £30 for it, and it’s original purpose was for a night out in Chesterfield, for one of my best friend’s 21sts.
I bought it at a point towards the end of summer, where all the fashion is a bit off. So because of this, I was really struggling to find something I’d wear more than once. However, as soon as I tried this on, I loved it! Which is weird, as I tend to avoid anything low cut due, as I’m a bit self conscious in that area.  I thought the fit of the dress was really flattering, especially the on style wrap bottom.
I felt really good in this dress throughout the night. However, I had to make sure that the laces were pulled really tight…we don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions to happen do we!
What did you think of my purchases?
What do you like/dislike about the ongoing 70s trend? Let me know!

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