Thoughts on going into third year

1. I feel so old…there’s eighteen year old children are everywhere! Oh remember what it was like to be them, no worries… Might as well start saving up for my mortgage now.

2. Remember how easy it was to live in halls… Like I reckon my landlord is definitely going to screw me over soon…he knows I haven’t gone long left. I reckon that second shower is definitely going to be out of use forever now…

3. Will I spend every minute in the library? Cause I get agitated if I can’t sit on the middle floor, and £1.10 for a bottle of water is a rip off. Remember when that money went on vodka…

4. There’s still going to be time for vodka right? I’ll make time for vodka…there’s always time for vodka.

5. But I have done the same student nights over and over again for two years. It’ll be the same won’t it? Maybe I’ll just stay in and watch Netflix…hahaha who am I kidding! Jäger anyone?

6. Am I  going to actually start taking proper notes now? Because that’s a lot of effort. And I definitely had the staring at the board and looking like your listening thing nailed.

7. This time next year I’ll have earn my own money, oh shit. But getting paid to get drunk *cough* I mean get a degree, really suited me!

8. But What if I fail? What if I end up leaving my final year project to last minute and its crap… Right I’m going to make a promise to myself right now, and I’ll have it almost done by Christmas! Hahaha yeah right, I’m definitely going to be cramming in May…But I guess that’s what 24 hours McDonald’s and red bulls were invented for.

9. What if when this years over, I can’t get a job? What if I have to move home? What if I never get to go traveling? What if I never accomplish anything I want to do? What if it’s all down hill from here? My life is over! No I’m definitely not being dramatic.

10. I can’t believe I’ve only got a year left to get drunk 3 times a week, waste money, Netflix and chill, and order dominos at 2am. Best make the most of it!
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