Spot light on Primark Knitwear!

I have the biggest love/hate relationship with Primark. It’s  because you seem to be able to get copies of everything in Topshop/RI/Miss Selfridge for less than £10. However, at the same time, you can see why it only cost £10…
With the start of September, you can’t half tell we’ve entered Autumn judging by the weather. I’m not complaining though, Autumn is my favourite season. But it’s sooo cold already, and I desperately needed knitwear.
With payday tomorrow, and and the fact I had a bit of money left over, I decided to treat myself. I’ve been eyeing up a ‘stone’ coloured cardigan. And if I realised it was only £12 I’d have bought it a few weeks ago! It defintely doesn’t feel like Primark quality, and it’ll look good with the camel/olive colours that are in this season.
The teal (it’s photographing navy because of bad lighting oops) jumper dress was only £10, and it’s in the ribbed style that’s everywhere at the minute. It’s just something to shot on for uni in a rush really. But still I can’t wait to pair it with a body warmer when it get’s a bit colder.
Lastly the olive jumper was only £6!!! It’s yet again in a rib style, but it’ll look good with layered with scarfs or bodywarmers.
With knitwear at at this price/quality I’ll probably be buying a few more bits when I get my loan.
Primark you have done well!
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