Thoughts that go through your head when he picks the film…

1.Here we go again, another bloody Marvel film! Why do I never get to pick the film? Why can’t we watch that new rom-com…it’d be so much more realistic! A man that turns into an ant…really?

2. Let me just Google the film length to mentally prepare…for god’s sake, why is this film sooooo long?!! If a film is over 2 and a half hours, I shouldn’t be made to sit through it. Unless it’s Harry Potter or if they make a Notebook 2 obviously.

3.This better be worth it later.

4.Might just take a nap on your shoulder. Yes good shout Luce, it’ll all be over soon.

5.Actually wait a second, that actor Chris Evans is actually quite fit! Now you can’t blame me for using this as ammunition to wind you up later. Ohhhh he’s just took his top off…

6.Stop resting your knee on the seat in front, you’tre blocking the view! No I don’t care what I said about napping, I wanna see this man topless!

7.Alright…no need to sulk. Sooooo, when’s the next Marvel film out? This is almost as good as Magic Mike!

8.No I am not waiting around for the credits to end though, he’s put his top back on now. Can’t you just Youtube the ending? If it was actually good, don’t you think they’d just put it in the film.



Can the 70s be sexy?

Rate it or hate it, 70’s fashion seems to be sticking around.

I first blogged about 70s fashion in the spring (click here to view), but now the 70s is also being echoed so much throughout our going out dresses. No, I’m not talking about bright florals and swing dresses, more bodycons and LBDs.

I’ve bought a few new dresses for freshers week, and just generally for student nights, and I’ve realised how 70’s inspired all my choices are! Please note all these dresses are under £36. I am a student after all…


The first dress is from Topshop at around £34. The thing that drew my eyes to it, was the lovely 70’s rust colour that seems to be everywhere at the minute. The style is very similar to previous Topshop dresses, but I thought it was quite flattering, and pretty none the less.

The lace pattern is pictured below, and is so pretty. Although I 12026695_10205102451986383_1114687284_nnormally associate lace (apart from black) with the summer, with this dress being such an autumn colour, I think I’ll definitely get my wear out of it this season!

The one downside to this dress is that if you wear rings, BE CAREFUL. Lace can, and will catch! For the dress pictured on, click here!

12029231_10205102453626424_1428721586_nMy next two picks focused on the current 70’s lace up trend.

Firstly, on the lace up trend, is this LBD from Missguided at £36. I have a wardrobe full of black dresses, but you can’t really go wrong with another can you? LBD’s never go out of fashion, and I lucy bloginstantly feel slimmer, and just
generally better about myself in a black dress…well that’s how I justify owning so many anyway!

Right, I’m not going to lie, this dress looks rubbish on the hanger. And for a size 6, it looks huuuuge!

However on is a completely different story! The material is crepe, which I thought was a bit strange at first. However, it’s a bit thicker which will be good for the winter… that’s if I decide to brave the post-night out walk home. (Not going to lie, I’m probably going to get a taxi from October).  You can’t really go wrong with long sleeves either. Definitely my new favourite LBD!

12032602_10205102460706601_1287830981_n 12033777_10205102452906406_1988245086_n

My last purchase was this ‘olive’ green lace up dress from ASOS. I paid around £30 for it, and it’s original purpose was for a night out in Chesterfield, for one of my best friend’s 21sts.

I bought it at a point towards the end of summer, where all the fashion is a bit off. So because of this, I was really struggling to find something I’d wear more than once. However, as soon as I tried this on, I loved it! Which is weird, as I tend to avoid anything low cut due, as I’m a bit self conscious in that area.  I thought the fit of the dress was really flattering, especially the on style wrap bottom.

I felt really good in this dress throughout the night. However, I had to make sure that the laces were pulled really tight…we don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions to happen do we!

What did you think of my purchases?
What do you like/dislike about the ongoing 70s trend? Let me know!

Thoughts on going into third year

1. I feel so old…there’s eighteen year old children are everywhere! Oh remember what it was like to be them, no worries… Might as well start saving up for my mortgage now.

2. Remember how easy it was to live in halls… Like I reckon my landlord is definitely going to screw me over soon…he knows I haven’t gone long left. I reckon that second shower is definitely going to be out of use forever now…

3. Will I spend every minute in the library? Cause I get agitated if I can’t sit on the middle floor, and £1.10 for a bottle of water is a rip off. Remember when that money went on vodka…

4. There’s still going to be time for vodka right? I’ll make time for vodka…there’s always time for vodka.

5. But I have done the same student nights over and over again for two years. It’ll be the same won’t it? Maybe I’ll just stay in and watch Netflix…hahaha who am I kidding! Jäger anyone?

6. Am I  going to actually start taking proper notes now? Because that’s a lot of effort. And I definitely had the staring at the board and looking like your listening thing nailed.

7. This time next year I’ll have earn my own money, oh shit. But getting paid to get drunk *cough* I mean get a degree, really suited me!

8. But What if I fail? What if I end up leaving my final year project to last minute and its crap… Right I’m going to make a promise to myself right now, and I’ll have it almost done by Christmas! Hahaha yeah right, I’m definitely going to be cramming in May…But I guess that’s what 24 hours McDonald’s and red bulls were invented for.

9. What if when this years over, I can’t get a job? What if I have to move home? What if I never get to go traveling? What if I never accomplish anything I want to do? What if it’s all down hill from here? My life is over! No I’m definitely not being dramatic.

10. I can’t believe I’ve only got a year left to get drunk 3 times a week, waste money, Netflix and chill, and order dominos at 2am. Best make the most of it!

11994428_10205076227890797_1379476387_n 11998374_10205076227650791_268498839_n

My key tranistional items

September is such an awkward month. It looks sunny outside…Oh wait it’s actually 12 degrees. Raining in the morning so you put a jumper on…no doubt you’ll be sweating by lunch time!

That’s why every year I aim to try and find a few transitional items. You know like skirts you can wear with leather jackets and camis now, and jumpers next month? Or a nice top/jumper you can layer up later? Here are my transitional








What I love most about the autumn/winter trends so far is all the different shades of brown! I remember being 16 in sixth form, and living in camel jeans/flats/jumpers/tops…I was a bit obsessed! Not really my friend Katy recently told me I suited the colour, not like I need my addiction encouraging!

I always feel like one the best items you can buy this time of year is a skirt. Let’s face it, most skirts don’t go out of fashion. Going out for a nice meal or drinks…nice top and heels. Going causal…turtle neck and chunky boots. My skirt is Zara at £22, and my turtle neck is Miss Selfridge at £22.50.

If you know me well, you’ll know how obsessed I am with boots! Unfortunately I didn’t have any brown or tanned boots, so when I come across these at £36 from Public Desire I couldn’t resist. I can see me never taking them off this winter!
Since the start of August, bodywarmers (or gillet if you want to be posh), have been everywhere. There usually about every winter, but I swear it’s been more so this season! Anyway, I’ve been obbsessing over this Topshop bodywarmer for ages, but I just couldn’t justify £65 till loan day! However, recently I’ve just got a new job at Krispy Kreme, and all the sizes were selling out. So that’s how I justified buying it out of my savings…I know, bad Lucy!  But least it’s not boring like most of the gillets in the shops at the moment, plus it has camel in it! I can’t wait to layer this up, or just simply pair it with all black. All I know is, for £65, I’m definitely getting my wear out of it!


The one thing I was really lusting after this season, was a leather skirt. I’ve seen them everywhere, but this Topshop skirt at around £28, is by far the most flattering on my body shape/height.I planned on wearing it when it got a bit colder…you know bit oversized jumper and a scarf.

However, I wanted to be awkward and wear it for a date night in the middle of August. In topshop they’ve style it with checked shirts, but I thought this sleeveless turtle neck would be a lot more flattering…and cheaper! This is the first jumper (sort of) I bought this season. It’s from River Island at £16. The boots were £50 from River Island, which is slightly more expensive than I’d pay normally, but as soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them. Although cheaper versions are now available EVERYWHERE.

Well after me being indecisive whether the outfit looked good together or not, I actually got a compliment on my skirt…Although it did take 6 hours for him to realise that I was wearing a turtle neck, close enough.

Spot light on Primark Knitwear!

I have the biggest love/hate relationship with Primark. It’s  because you seem to be able to get copies of everything in Topshop/RI/Miss Selfridge for less than £10. However, at the same time, you can see why it only cost £10…

With the start of September, you can’t half tell we’ve entered Autumn judging by the weather. I’m not complaining though, Autumn is my favourite season. But it’s sooo cold already, and I desperately needed knitwear.


With payday tomorrow, and and the fact I had a bit of money left over, I decided to treat myself. I’ve been eyeing up a ‘stone’ coloured cardigan. And if I realised it was only £12 I’d have bought it a few weeks ago! It defintely doesn’t feel like Primark quality, and it’ll look good with the camel/olive colours that are in this season.

The teal (it’s photographing navy because of bad lighting oops) jumper dress was only £10, and it’s in the ribbed style that’s everywhere at the minute. It’s just something to shot on for uni in a rush really. But still I can’t wait to pair it with a body warmer when it get’s a bit colder.

Lastly the olive jumper was only £6!!! It’s yet again in a rib style, but it’ll look good with layered with scarfs or bodywarmers.

With knitwear at at this price/quality I’ll probably be buying a few more bits when I get my loan.

Primark you have done well!

11938071_10205031276807048_1322525073_n 11948277_10205031202845199_1226678072_n