Back to basics

With Uni starting again next month, I’m trying to get back into my blogging routine! So as it’s been a while, a post on ‘Back to basics’ seemed relevant.
It feels like forever since I’ve bought mysef make-up, but I’d got to the point where I just couldn’t hang on till loan anymore. I was getting myself into a rut with certain products  anyway, So I thought sod it, I can justify a few basic products before loan day!
With autumn/winter approaching, I wanted a better coverage for my day-time foundation. If you’ve read my blog before, I normally rave on about rimmel foundation, but now I’m just sick of The rimmel 25 hour (the one with the red top). It’s my go-to day time foundation, however without a really good primer or BB cream, let’s face it, it’s crap! It’s so watery, and it won’t last more than 6/7 hours, nevermind 25 as it claims!
So I was in boots/superdrug looking around for offers and I come across this: It’s called FIT by Maybelline.  It is a couple of pounds more than the rimmel range, but it’s a happy medium between that and mac. I’d be perfect for a night-out with it being build-able coverage, so you could reach the level of coverage you prefer.
I’ve gone on about the Baby Skin primer quite a bit before, although it is quite expensive when it comes to primers, I just can’t stop touching my skin because of how smooth it makes it feel!(Baby skin, it’s in the name haha)  Plus it actually makes your foundation stay on which is helpful. So I’d say it’s a product you’d definitely need for the next few months.
I know a contouring palette isn’t really a basic, but considering how much everyone is obsessed with them these days, it sort of justifies it.  I currently have a Barry M pallete, Bojouris, and a few of the cheaper palettes in Superdrug, but this is by far the best! It’s sleek and it’s £10 from Superdrug. I’ve known about the product for ages, but I was iffing and aring over if I should actually spend the £10 on yet more contouring products…but it was definitely worth it! It blends so much better than anything I’ve ever had before. I was so close to purchasing the smash-box palette instead at £25 more, but I’m so glad I didn’t!
For a day time, I normally use a Barry M eyeshadow palette, but I think this is so much better. It’s collection 2000 and it was only £4. I’d say the colours are autumn shades, so the palette will probably get me few the winter. Saying that, there’s a few other palettes in the range, so at £4 each, I’ll probably buy the lot!
This was the finished look. I just added a bit of mascara to finish it off.
Can you recommended any good basic products? Let me know! x

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