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The one thing I hate about summer clothes is, that if you’re not off anywhere warm, you’ll probably wear that summer dress once or twice if you’re lucky…Then you’ll watch it gather dust from the back of your wardrobe, as it miserably rains the rest of ‘summer’.
However with this heatwave kicking in, and with my favourite sandals snapping on my birthday (sob sob), I realised I could probably justify a few new purchases…well what’s birthday money for anyway!
I only allowed myself to buy stuff that I could carry on wearing into the autumn. As tan and suede are on trend this season, plus there autumn colours, I thought it made sense to invest in a few items in the trend.
11720559_10204668811905652_1187872329_nI’ve had my eye on this for a while. It’s from Topshop at £36 with student discount. Although £36 is a lot for a day dress, I thought the dress was quite versatile. As I plan to wear it with ankle boots or pumps for now, and then knee high boots and tights for when it starts to get colder.
Plus not to mention this dress hits the suede, tan, and lace up trends. Although I’m not really that much of a fan of the 70s trend at the moment, this fits in with it, without being too much in your face.

So as I mentioned after snapping my favourite pair of sandals, I had literally no day time shoes that would go well with summer dresses or skirts! As its summer, ankle boots are everywhere and there all pretty similar. Although I think I got a massive bargain here, with these at only £14 from Primark.

The top is £4 from Primark, which luckily I spotted as I’ve had my eye on the £22 version out of Topshop.


I was due a few basics as well, seen as I haven’t bought jeans since Christmas. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with Topshop jeans, and the leigh style are by far my favourite.

Although I’ve had the joni style in the past, I don’t think there as flattering as the leigh. These jeans are around £35 with discount, and the cami (staying on the tan theme) was just over £12. However I’ve bought this cami before in khaki and then the colours run, so I really really hope it doesn’t happen again!

11714514_10204668811145633_1906460301_nI’m really excited for these boots to come! There from public desire (such a good site to get footwear from, especially if you’re a student!) I’m a big lover of over the knee boots, so as soon as I saw them I had to have them! There not only tan, which if you haven’t gathered I love, but they’ve got that fringe detail which is on trend at the minute. At £36 with student discount, I thought the price was decent. I can’t wait to wear these in the winter with jeans and big jumpers, and with skirts/camis now.


Last but not least, I jumped on the lace up flats trend, with these beauties from Topshop. At £26 with discount, there quite expensive for pumps, but it’s pretty standard for Topshop.

These go really well with jeans and white blouses. The only problem is they’ve been a nightmare to ‘break in’, so hopefully the blisters will go soon!

I hope you enjoyed my fashion post (it’s been a while!). Let me know what you think of these trends below!

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