Things have changed

It feels like ages since I’ve blogged…and after 3 months off, it sort of is!
After some idiot got me fired from my promo job, (pretty much thought the point of promotion was talking to people…but oh well). And then with uni deadlines, one of my closest friends leaving for America, and then my birthday…it’s been hectic! And not to mention, blogging about fashion and clothes can be quite expensive!
However, student summers are pretty much hell unless you’re travelling or doing something exciting. So when the highlight of your summer is a 3 night ‘holiday’ in Sheffield, going to your bar job, or waiting for PLL to come on netflix on a Wednesday morning …i’ve tried to think a few blog ideas to give me something to do over the summer.
Here’s a quick life update:
1. As I mentioned, I got fired from my promo job during the Newcastle/Sunderland Darby day…oh well I was gonna leave anyway!
2. I  then got  a much better job in a cocktail bar in Sunderland!
3. My friend Thabeena left for America. (Might get some peace and quiet now)
4. I dyed my hair back natural.
5. I turned 21, and spent a few days in York, drinking lots of cocktails obviously!
6. This ended very very badly when I broke my phone. When you’re a student…phone insurance is a necessity. As I’ve found out the hard way!
7.  I’ve just found out once I complete my placement PR placement, I’m all through to 3rd year!
I’m all ready to give my blog a bit of a make-over, so watch this space!

Pulling on my 21st
Pulling on my 21st

Back to my natural colour!
Back to my natural colour!

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