April make-up haul

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I tend to buy most of my make-up in bulk. I do this to prevent me from wasting big chunks of my loan in Boots and Superdrug…it’s easily done! So when I walked into Superdrug the other day and saw everything was 3 for 2, I took it as an opportunity to stock up before I go back to uni.

The products:
1. Maybelline brow satin
2. Rimmel Accelerator mascara
3. Rimmel scandaleyes waterproof mascara
4. MUA blusher in Lolly
5. MUA matte perfecter primer
6. Barry M sunset in Like a nude
7. Barry M sunset topcoat
8. MUA lip lacquer in Rococo
I absolutely love the Maybelline brow satin, I’d defintely say it’s my favourite 11149203_10204151752019478_1600111814_neyebrow product I’ve found so far! It’s double ended, with a penicil on one end, and the ‘satin’ with a sponge applicator on the other. It’s not really a product you’d buy if you want neat eyebrows, but for fuller looking eyebrows it’s definitely spot on. For only £5.99, it’s a product worth trying.
The rimmel mascara is my go to mascara!  It gives a long, natural look to eyebrows, without giving you any of them nasty clumps. It’s a perfect mascara if you don’t like false eyelashes, but want a similar effect. The rimmel eyeliner is a product I always wear on a night out. It gives a really stand out affect to your eyes, and always stays on all night. The only problem is, it probably is a bit too much for a day-time, so if it’s a new day time eye-liner you’re after, I wouldn’t recommend this.
I’ve tried lots of different primers this year, but they always seem to either make my make-up look cakey, or make my skin really greasy. Or the worse case scenario, was the allergic reaction I got from a rimmel one! However, this MUA product comes out in a pink colour and goes on quite well because it’s not really that thick. I think it’s definitely a product that will work well when the weather gets warmer, as I don’t really like wearing a lot of make-up in the summer.
Also, I decided to try a new blusher as I’ve heard good things from the MUA blushes, and I don’t tend to wear blusher. With now having lighter hair, I know I’ll have to adjust my make-up routine, so I’m trying out a few different shades on my face. I really like the colour of this blush as it’s more of a pinky brown, but the photo doesn’t really do it justice. For a £1, you can’t really go wrong.

I’m going through a bit of a lip product stage, so for £3 I couldn’t really resist! The MUA product goes on like a pinky brown, and is very similar to a range from rimmel. However, make sure you put two coats on, as the first coat tends to fade.
It’s been a while since there’s been a really good brand new Barry M nail product,11094059_10204151745459314_1286902167_n but this was definitely worth the wait! The nail varnish claims to give you salon quality nails, and so far, I can’t fault them!
The only problem with the new range, is that it’s slightly more expensive, and you have to buy the special top coat. Plus the colours are a bit limited so far. However, I really like this colour, so I don’t really have anything bad to say. If you want a new nail product, TRY THIS!
Lastly, it wouldn’t wouldn’t be a make up haul without stocking up on my favourite eyelashes! These eyelure 141s are around £5 from Superdrug, and give a really natural look, without that obvious you’re wearing false eyelashes effectIf you love eyelure, get yourself to Superdrug, they have the best range by far!
11149049_10204151712338486_239049100_nRight now in Superdrug, as well as the 3 for 2 offer they have on, if you buy any 3 make-up products you get this make up bag for free! It’s not really that big, so it’s perfect to shot in your bag.
What did you think of my haul? What’s your opinions on these products? Let me know!

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