Do blondes really have more fun?

I have pretty much spent the last three years of my life going from brown, to blonde to back again.
I see a photo of myself blonde and I always miss it so much…then as soon as I’m blonde, I miss my natural colour. It really is a viscous circle of bleach!
Being brunette there’s so much less to worry about! No need for expensive conditioning treatments, purple shampoo, or worrying (too much) about what heat can do to your poor hair.
I’d hit a hair rut. I really love my hair short, but I was just getting a bit bored of it. I haven’t dyed my hair in a year, so it was in a pretty condition, so I just thought sod it! Over all all it took two rounds of lightening (the first time I wanted more blonde put in), and about 4 hours of work by my hairdresser friend Ashlee.
I opted for a high dip dye, with highlights towards my roots.
As a student I really couldn’t afford to constantly dye my hair blonde professionally, so a dip dye was definitely my best bet! I didn’t want to be too blonde either, as even a dark blonde is still a shock to the system from dark brown!
Anyone that’s ever been blonde, will know this product is an absolute life saver! It takes all them ugly brassy tones that you tend to get being blonde, and makes them nice and blonde.
You can pick it up from ASDA or a discount shop for around £2.
However you have to follow the instructions on the bottle, or you will actually end up with silver hair…apparently?
All I’m looking for now is a really good conditioning treatment or a hair mask. I really don’t know much about the different brands, as they all seem to say the same on the tub. So if anyone knows of a really good one, please comment below!

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