My top ten favourite Teesside spots

Seen as I’m back in Teesside for the Easter holidays, I thought I’d do a Teesside related post! (Insert cheesey picture of me)11124566_10204130695253072_1158291919_n

When people think Teesside, apparently all they think of is smog, parmos, and the fact they think everyone lives in a house like Billy Elliot. However, what they don’t see is the North Yorkshire countryside, cute little towns like Stokesly and Yarm, and the stunning seaside coast along Saltburn cliffs!

Here is my top ten favourite places in Teesside. I obviously had to include my favourite restaurant and bar, ’cause eating and drinking cocktails are obviously big parts of my life!

1. Preston park:
My favourite place in Teesside! I love sitting on the jetty on the Tees, because it’s just so scenic and quiet down there. Plus in my opinion, it’s the nicest stretch of the River Tees.

2. Saltburn:
I loved going to Saltburn as a kid, and going up and down lifts. (Visible in the picture). Even at my age, me and my friends still love going on the pier.

3. Great Ayton:
Another place I loved going as a child! The river is so pretty, and the ice cream is arguably the best in Teesside. 

4. Roseberry topping:
Obviously as a lank mark, this had to make the list! I’m not going to lie, I’ve only been up it once and nearly half killed myself in the process! But the view of Coastline and the North Yorkshire countryside is definitely worth it!

5. Flatts Lane Woodlands centre:
Bit of a random one, but I love living so close to the countryside, and being able to walk my dog through the hills. (Well it only really happens once or twice a year…sorry Radley!) Plus I have loads of funny memories there…Like the time me and my friend Tom got stuck the climbing frame in the dark, because a fox was below us and wouldn’t move! 

6. Tees barrage:
I love the Tees barrage, but the photo really doesn’t do it justice! Another spot that’s cute to just sit and chill at…plus I don’t mind the pub there!

7. The Dickens Inn:
My favourite cocktail bar in Middlesbrough obviously had to make the list! Plus it’s the venue that held my 18th!

8. Yarm:
Yarm is such a cute little country town. Plus the cocktails from the Keys are pretty spot on! And it’s apparently the best highstreet in the country!

9. Hemlington lake:
We accidentally stumbled across the lake a few summers ago, and I’m so happy I did! Because as you can probably tell by the photo below, it’s such a cute spot to just sit and chill by the lake.

10. Manjaros:
Because you can’t visit Teesside and not get a parmo! Plus everything else on the menu is spot on!

Yarm Highstreet

Yarm Highstreet





The River Tees at Preston Park

The River Tees at Preston Park


Saltburn Pier







Hemlington Lake

Hemlington Lake







The Tees Barrage in Stockton

The Tees Barrage in Stockton



A sign in Great Ayton

A sign in Great Ayton


4 thoughts on “My top ten favourite Teesside spots

      • lucybolland says:

        Same haha, which is ridiculous for how close I live to it! Yeah exactly…maybe in the summer I’ll go for round two! x

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