Preparing for when the semester gets summery

Just before the start of each term, I like to get a few new items to go back to university with. (Any excuse for retail therapy really). I know it’s technically the same semester at University, but it sort of feels like summer term anyway. Black and monochrome are my favourite way to wear clothes, and it’s pretty much echoed throughout my whole blog and instagram. So when I popped into Middlesbrough today, the last think I thought I’d embrace were trends below!
Once you let myself get past the mindset of I’m pretty sure my nana had a top very very similar, I think certain aspects of the 70s trend can at least be incorporated into an outfit. I’ve been eyeing up all the floaty white tops and the flared jeans and trousers, and then I realised they weren’t very ‘me’. Well I’m only 5ft4, and with a bum my size, I probably should avoid anything too floaty. The hat is from Newlook at £13.50 with student discount. The skirt was £25 with student discount from Topshop (which is really good for a Topshop skirt!). And the top was the most expensive coming in at £29. However I also plan on wearing the top with white jeans, and with Topshop tops normally being good quality, I can sort of justify it. This is a far cry from an outfit I’d normally wear, so I’m quite excited, as sad as it sounds, to wear something different!
These shoes come this morning from Public Desire and I’m a little bit in love with them! They not only hit the 70s trend, but will look really nice with summer dresses and jeans as oppose to wedges. The heel isn’t very big (pretty much the same as your standard chunky boots), so I’d be able to get away wearing them to uni casually.
They were £25, but Public Desire is currently doing a £1 delivery offer and student discount, the brand is perfect for getting Topshop look-a-likes, at a fraction of the price!
Another of one my favourite trends are the minute is all white. Seen as how much I love the whole all black everything look and monochrome, wearing all white seemed like the natural summer progression. This top was only £9 out of Newlook, and also gives a nod to the whole 70s thing trend.
I got the slip on pumps from River Island in the sale at £12. I’m not usually a big sale buyer, as I have the mindset its probably in the sale for a reason (I’ve worked for Next numerous times, I know the score!) But they had very very similar versions at full price. And seen as style is being sold in practically every shop…I just thought sod it!
I already had the white jeans, (see post here) although I didn’t really have anything to wear them with which I actually thought worked well. But I do really like this outfit for casual.11117827_10204086067697411_523349718_n
I’m not going to lie, I did take a bit on inspiration from Kylie Jenner for this outfit. It’s just really unfair that a 17 year old’s dress sense, pretty much tops the rest of the world.
Lastly, I’ve just ordered this ribbed midi dress from Miss Selfridge (image copyright of MissSelfridge). I thought the dress would look really good with my black La Moda ankle boots (sell below), and a oversized denim jacket. The fact that it’s ribbed and is slightly sleeved adds a casual vibe to the outfit, despite the small cut outs. The dress was only £22.50 with student discount, so I reckon it’s a bargain.
11106541_10204086029456455_1982245469_nThe boots are from La Moda and were £22.50. I’ve never ordered from La Moda before, but I was pleasantly surprised at the pretty packaging and the fact you get sweets (I’m a big kid!). The boots are pretty versatile, and I love the fact they have a little block heel (anything to add height to me!!).
What do you think at my attempt at some of the Spring/Summer 2015 trends? Comment and let me know!

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  1. i’m loving the all white look as well! i just love how it’s so simple and chic! if you get a chance, come check out my fashion and fitness blog! i’m loving your posts and i’m definitely following haha

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