Why holding on isn't ALWAYS necessary a bad thing

I think clothes are like people. Some clothes you’ll never want to get rid of, there’ll always fit you perfectly and you’ll instantly feel good as soon as you put them on.However, some items, like people, definitely only stay in fashion for a season. You’ll want them because it’s displayed in the Topshop window, and you happen to fancy a new top. Or a magazine will tell you it’s the new latest trend. However, 6 months down the line, do you really think you’ll wear that fur trim dress again? No definitely not.
I myself, happen to be a massive clothes hoarder. However, last year, because I was a very very poor, I decided to sell a load of my clothes on depop and vinted. However, the few things I ended up keeping…have strangely come back in fashion this year!
After digging through my wardrobe, and stalking a few websites, this is what I’ve noticed:
Firstly, in 2010 I went through a very bad camel obsession. I’m talking camel pumps, camel jeans, camel top…all I one outfit! However, I ended up keeping this Topshop jersey top (left), which despite the stripes (which are back on trend anyway), is quite similar to the Missguided jersey (right) (image copyright of Missguided). As I’ve just dug it out, I plan on wearing it with my ripped white jeans till the weather picks up a bit more. I’ve just bought some really nice nude cleated heels from public desire which would go really well for the outfit (blog post to come)..
Secondly, I’ve noticed shirts are back in, hurray! I really do love a good shirt, especially this time of the year.  I bought the Miss Selfridge shirt back in 2011, and the teal shade isn’t that far off the mint green which is all over the high street.  The shirt on the right is from Missguided (image copyright of Missguided). Although it isn’t a drop hem like my teal shirt, it’s not a million miles away…
11084507_10204066882497793_576258112_n 11092684_10204066882217786_2013966229_n
Lastly, I’ve noticed some striking similarities between these two dresses. The dresses, both Topshop (right image copyright of Topshop), are the exact same length  and style, despite one being purchased in 2011. Although one is floral, and one is more of a tapestry print, I really don’t think there’s that much difference. I almost purchased the dress on the right, but then I thought, actually is there really much point? Nah, I might as well just rewear the one I already own!
Sorry about the quality of the images, iphone flash isn’t really the best! Have you noticed any similarities in your wardrobe from past seasons, and the current high street stuff? Let me know! I’m just really glad I dug all these old clothes out! It’s definitely saved me digging further into the student loan!

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