You know Springs coming when…

So it feels like Winters been going on forever…’cause let’s face it, in the North as soon as you hit the 1st September, it’s BALTIC! But seen as it’s now the middle of March, and the weather has got slightly better (sometimes), it finally feels like we’ve finally hit Spring. Which means Summer isn’t to far off YAY! Pretty sure Christmas was only two minutes ago though?11063075_10203989431321562_53499020_n
You know Springs coming when…

1. Cause despite how much you’re gonna hate it, it’s time to stop wearing SO much black. And trust me, I will HATE it.
2. It’s hit that annoying too cold to wear a jacket, too warm for a coat weather. But I’m from the north, so obviously I’ll wear my favourite leather jacket and solider on. And obviously when I get a cold, I’ll definitely just blame hay-fever.
3. It’s time to break out the pastel nail varnishes (yay). Although I’m not quite ready for pastel clothes yet! (Everything black in my wardrobe R.I.P.).11050948_10203989431001554_2084389548_n
4. You have to start thinking about shaving your legs more than once a week…and moisturising, and exploiting, and fake tan ect. SO MUCH EFFORT!
5. Double denim is in every shop, therefore you feel obliged to get your trusty denim jacket out.
6. Cause the weather is slightly warmer, it’s now an excuse to drink more cocktails…Like I needed an excuse anyway!
7. You’ve made it through Valentines day without wanting to kill yourself (well just), so then we got to laugh at the girls in relationships dishing out steak and blow jobs on the 14th March. Laughs on you now! Actually wait…that’s still us. 961619_10203989434481641_646855772_n
8. It’s time to start thinking about that ‘summer body now’…Unless you’re as lazy as me, and your cooking
is as terrible as mine, so you’ll probably just carry on as normal. And if I end up looking chunky in a bikini, no fucks shall be given.
9.If you’re a student you’re probably very very poor by this point. And after spending the majority of the term doing absolutely nothing, we’re now having deadlines fired at us from every direction! Not long till Easter though, we got this.
10. We’re starting to look forward to summer now, and if you’re from the North East, that extra 5 degrees will definitely make all the difference!

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