Cause everyone loves to be nude…

Over the winter I’ve been pretty dedicated to winged eyeliner and statement lips. However, with the start of Spring and the weather becoming increasingly mild, I’ve decided to mix my day time look up a bit.
Social media and magazines have recently been displaying the ‘no-make up, make up’ trend. I even watched a cosmo how to, which showed viewers how to create natural looking freckles…which I think is probably a bit too far. But I definitely think a more natural look for daytime and uni, just generally makes you appear a lot fresher.
The products
I purchased the Barry M Chisel Cheeks contour kit (after I’ve been trying to get my mits on it for months!), and the Natural Glow palette 2, on 2 for £10 in Superdrug. I also ended up purchasing the Topshop Lip bullet (£8), which happens to be the first ever make-up product I’ve purchased from Topshop!
On the selfie above, I followed the instructions on the inside of the Chisel Cheeks palette. When contouring, I normally only use a bronzer and a highlighter, so using three different shades was a bit strange. But, I really like this method, as I think it looks quite natural. Normally I only use a bit of blush for uni, and wouldn’t normal contour as it can look to heavy, and be a bit of a faff on. But as my make-up is quite nude, I thought I could get away with it.
When it come to my eyes, I used the shade on the far left from the Natural Glow palette all across my socket. I then used the shade three from the right, and blended it across the crease using my blending eye brush. I then finished off using the grey shade, second from the left, between my lashes and the crease. I think by doing this, your eyes are subtly defined, without the need for any eye-liner.
I finished the look off with the lip bullet (which I can’t stop laughing at, cause I’m really immature). The shade I chose adds a little bit of colour, without being overly noticeable.
What do you think of the look? Have you got any similar products you’d recommend? Let me know!

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