My lip likes and dislikes

I’ve literally been taking ages getting round to writing this post!
Sometimes I really love my lips! Like the time the girl that does my eyebrows asked how much I’d paid for them…well I sort of grew them myself haha! But most of the time I think I look like I have some sort of lop-sided dodgey grin. But I suppose if I had thinner lips, I’d wanna change them? It’s one of them grass is greener situations.  Well anyway, here is a basic run through of my my lip likes and dislikes.

These products are probably the ones I used the most:

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll know how much of a fan of Rimmel Provocalips I am! There basically a £5 lipglosswhich have the exact same effect as a lipstick, but refuse to wear off! Which obviously on a night out is great, as I usually end up smudging lipstick all over my chin…classy as ever! However, the next day when I’ve been too lazy to take it off, and happen to look in the mirror and realise my lips are still bright purple…well it doesn’t really make my hangover feel any better. To anyone who’s seen me on a morning you can pretty much agree, I already look bad enough!
My other favourite lip-glosses are the soap and glory ‘mother pucker’, coming in at a close second. I do think the tingly feeling is a bit strange though! And also the no7 range is pretty good for lipgloss.
However apolcalips by Rimmel is one of the worst things I’ve ever had touch my lips! It’s thick and sticky,and has a really weird taste. (Pictured right)
The maybeline ‘Baby lips’ is definitely a product you need during the winter! I think it comes in at £2.99, and basically does the same thing as Vaseline without the weird case and smell.
My current favourite  lipsticks are the mac ‘Spice it up’, ‘Media’ and ‘Mehr’. Obviously the picture isn’t a great quality at distinguishing the different shades (iPhone cameras for you!). However below are the three shades on. ‘Media’ and ‘Mehr’ are both matte and ‘Spice it up’ is more of a gloss. My current fave is ‘Spice it up’, as it’s sort of mix between the two other shades.
11026703_10203907290508093_1814883758_n 11020286_10203907405230961_1385646478_n 11016653_10203907371990130_86121998_n
1. When applying lipstick, I always start off by using the toothbrush trick. Basically I make sure all the dead skin is off my lips, and then wipe the excess off with a make-up remover wipe. Dry lips has always been a massive problem for me during the winter!
2. I then, using a Rimmel lip pencil to outline the top of my lips. I only do this as I think it balances out my top and bottom lip!
3. Next I apply the lipstick.
4. Then I do a quick touch up with lip pencil, just to make sure my lips are nice and even.
5. Finally, this is basically a trick I learnt on the internet…I’ve seen people use powder around their lips to set their make-up and highlight the skin around their lips. However, I feel this works better with a brush on concealer as it acts as a highlighter. It just seems to minimise smudges, and make your skin look more fresh!
Here are the products I use:
My personal fave for years now is from the Kate Moss Rimmel range in shade 110. It’s more of a coral red in real life, despite the fact my mam refers to it asOne day I’ll probably find a mac shade I prefer, but for £5 I’ll keep loving this for now!
What’s your favourite lip products? Let me know below!
Luce x

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