Preparing for when the semester gets summery

Just before the start of each term, I like to get a few new items to go back to university with. (Any excuse for retail therapy really). I know it’s technically the same semester at University, but it sort of feels like summer term anyway. Black and monochrome are my favourite way to wear clothes, and it’s pretty much echoed throughout my whole blog and instagram. So when I popped into Middlesbrough today, the last think I thought I’d embrace were trends below!




Once you let myself get past the mindset of I’m pretty sure my nana had a top very very similar, I think certain aspects of the 70s trend can at least be incorporated into an outfit. I’ve been eyeing up all the floaty white tops and the flared jeans and trousers, and then I realised they weren’t very ‘me’. Well I’m only 5ft4, and with a bum my size, I probably should avoid anything too floaty. The hat is from Newlook at £13.50 with student discount. The skirt was £25 with student discount from Topshop (which is really good for a Topshop skirt!). And the top was the most expensive coming in at £29. However I also plan on wearing the top with white jeans, and with Topshop tops normally being good quality, I can sort of justify it. This is a far cry from an outfit I’d normally wear, so I’m quite excited, as sad as it sounds, to wear something different!


These shoes come this morning from Public Desire and I’m a little bit in love with them! They not only hit the 70s trend, but will look really nice with summer dresses and jeans as oppose to wedges. The heel isn’t very big (pretty much the same as your standard chunky boots), so I’d be able to get away wearing them to uni casually.

They were £25, but Public Desire is currently doing a £1 delivery offer and student discount, the brand is perfect for getting Topshop look-a-likes, at a fraction of the price!


Another of one my favourite trends are the minute is all white. Seen as how much I love the whole all black everything look and monochrome, wearing all white seemed like the natural summer progression. This top was only £9 out of Newlook, and also gives a nod to the whole 70s thing trend.

I got the slip on pumps from River Island in the sale at £12. I’m not usually a big sale buyer, as I have the mindset its probably in the sale for a reason (I’ve worked for Next numerous times, I know the score!) But they had very very similar versions at full price. And seen as style is being sold in practically every shop…I just thought sod it!

I already had the white jeans, (see post here) although I didn’t really have anything to wear them with which I actually thought worked well. But I do really like this outfit for casual.11117827_10204086067697411_523349718_n

I’m not going to lie, I did take a bit on inspiration from Kylie Jenner for this outfit. It’s just really unfair that a 17 year old’s dress sense, pretty much tops the rest of the world.





Lastly, I’ve just ordered this ribbed midi dress from Miss Selfridge (image copyright of MissSelfridge). I thought the dress would look really good with my black La Moda ankle boots (sell below), and a oversized denim jacket. The fact that it’s ribbed and is slightly sleeved adds a casual vibe to the outfit, despite the small cut outs. The dress was only £22.50 with student discount, so I reckon it’s a bargain.



11106541_10204086029456455_1982245469_nThe boots are from La Moda and were £22.50. I’ve never ordered from La Moda before, but I was pleasantly surprised at the pretty packaging and the fact you get sweets (I’m a big kid!). The boots are pretty versatile, and I love the fact they have a little block heel (anything to add height to me!!).

What do you think at my attempt at some of the Spring/Summer 2015 trends? Comment and let me know!












Why holding on isn’t ALWAYS necessary a bad thing

I think clothes are like people. Some clothes you’ll never want to get rid of, there’ll always fit you perfectly and you’ll instantly feel good as soon as you put them on.However, some items, like people, definitely only stay in fashion for a season. You’ll want them because it’s displayed in the Topshop window, and you happen to fancy a new top. Or a magazine will tell you it’s the new latest trend. However, 6 months down the line, do you really think you’ll wear that fur trim dress again? No definitely not.

I myself, happen to be a massive clothes hoarder. However, last year, because I was a very very poor, I decided to sell a load of my clothes on depop and vinted. However, the few things I ended up keeping…have strangely come back in fashion this year!

After digging through my wardrobe, and stalking a few websites, this is what I’ve noticed:

Firstly, in 2010 I went through a very bad camel obsession. I’m talking camel pumps, camel jeans, camel top…all I one outfit! However, I ended up keeping this Topshop jersey top (left), which despite the stripes (which are back on trend anyway), is quite similar to the Missguided jersey (right) (image copyright of Missguided). As I’ve just dug it out, I plan on wearing it with my ripped white jeans till the weather picks up a bit more. I’ve just bought some really nice nude cleated heels from public desire which would go really well for the outfit (blog post to come)..



Secondly, I’ve noticed shirts are back in, hurray! I really do love a good shirt, especially this time of the year.  I bought the Miss Selfridge shirt back in 2011, and the teal shade isn’t that far off the mint green which is all over the high street.  The shirt on the right is from Missguided (image copyright of Missguided). Although it isn’t a drop hem like my teal shirt, it’s not a million miles away…


11084507_10204066882497793_576258112_n 11092684_10204066882217786_2013966229_n


Lastly, I’ve noticed some striking similarities between these two dresses. The dresses, both Topshop (right image copyright of Topshop), are the exact same length  and style, despite one being purchased in 2011. Although one is floral, and one is more of a tapestry print, I really don’t think there’s that much difference. I almost purchased the dress on the right, but then I thought, actually is there really much point? Nah, I might as well just rewear the one I already own!


Sorry about the quality of the images, iphone flash isn’t really the best! Have you noticed any similarities in your wardrobe from past seasons, and the current high street stuff? Let me know! I’m just really glad I dug all these old clothes out! It’s definitely saved me digging further into the student loan!

You know Springs coming when…

So it feels like Winters been going on forever…’cause let’s face it, in the North as soon as you hit the 1st September, it’s BALTIC! But seen as it’s now the middle of March, and the weather has got slightly better (sometimes), it finally feels like we’ve finally hit Spring. Which means Summer isn’t to far off YAY! Pretty sure Christmas was only two minutes ago though?11063075_10203989431321562_53499020_n

You know Springs coming when…

1. Cause despite how much you’re gonna hate it, it’s time to stop wearing SO much black. And trust me, I will HATE it.

2. It’s hit that annoying too cold to wear a jacket, too warm for a coat weather. But I’m from the north, so obviously I’ll wear my favourite leather jacket and solider on. And obviously when I get a cold, I’ll definitely just blame hay-fever.

3. It’s time to break out the pastel nail varnishes (yay). Although I’m not quite ready for pastel clothes yet! (Everything black in my wardrobe R.I.P.).11050948_10203989431001554_2084389548_n

4. You have to start thinking about shaving your legs more than once a week…and moisturising, and exploiting, and fake tan ect. SO MUCH EFFORT!

5. Double denim is in every shop, therefore you feel obliged to get your trusty denim jacket out.

6. Cause the weather is slightly warmer, it’s now an excuse to drink more cocktails…Like I needed an excuse anyway!

7. You’ve made it through Valentines day without wanting to kill yourself (well just), so then we got to laugh at the girls in relationships dishing out steak and blow jobs on the 14th March. Laughs on you now! Actually wait…that’s still us. 961619_10203989434481641_646855772_n

8. It’s time to start thinking about that ‘summer body now’…Unless you’re as lazy as me, and your cooking
is as terrible as mine, so you’ll probably just carry on as normal. And if I end up looking chunky in a bikini, no fucks shall be given.

9.If you’re a student you’re probably very very poor by this point. And after spending the majority of the term doing absolutely nothing, we’re now having deadlines fired at us from every direction! Not long till Easter though, we got this.

10. We’re starting to look forward to summer now, and if you’re from the North East, that extra 5 degrees will definitely make all the difference!

Cause everyone loves to be nude…


Over the winter I’ve been pretty dedicated to winged eyeliner and statement lips. However, with the start of Spring and the weather becoming increasingly mild, I’ve decided to mix my day time look up a bit.

Social media and magazines have recently been displaying the ‘no-make up, make up’ trend. I even watched a cosmo how to, which showed viewers how to create natural looking freckles…which I think is probably a bit too far. But I definitely think a more natural look for daytime and uni, just generally makes you appear a lot fresher.


The products

I purchased the Barry M Chisel Cheeks contour kit (after I’ve been trying to get my mits on it for months!), and the Natural Glow palette 2, on 2 for £10 in Superdrug. I also ended up purchasing the Topshop Lip bullet (£8), which happens to be the first ever make-up product I’ve purchased from Topshop!

On the selfie above, I followed the instructions on the inside of the Chisel Cheeks palette. When contouring, I normally only use a bronzer and a highlighter, so using three different shades was a bit strange. But, I really like this method, as I think it looks quite natural. Normally I only use a bit of blush for uni, and wouldn’t normal contour as it can look to heavy, and be a bit of a faff on. But as my make-up is quite nude, I thought I could get away with it.

When it come to my eyes, I used the shade on the far left from the Natural Glow palette all across my socket. I then used the shade three from the right, and blended it across the crease using my blending eye brush. I then finished off using the grey shade, second from the left, between my lashes and the crease. I think by doing this, your eyes are subtly defined, without the need for any eye-liner.

I finished the look off with the lip bullet (which I can’t stop laughing at, cause I’m really immature). The shade I chose adds a little bit of colour, without being overly noticeable.


What do you think of the look? Have you got any similar products you’d recommend? Let me know!

My lip likes and dislikes

I’ve literally been taking ages getting round to writing this post!

Sometimes I really love my lips! Like the time the girl that does my eyebrows asked how much I’d paid for them…well I sort of grew them myself haha! But most of the time I think I look like I have some sort of lop-sided dodgey grin. But I suppose if I had thinner lips, I’d wanna change them? It’s one of them grass is greener situations.  Well anyway, here is a basic run through of my my lip likes and dislikes.

These products are probably the ones I used the most:




If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll know how much of a fan of Rimmel Provocalips I am! There basically a £5 lipglosswhich have the exact same effect as a lipstick, but refuse to wear off! Which obviously on a night out is great, as I usually end up smudging lipstick all over my chin…classy as ever! However, the next day when I’ve been too lazy to take it off, and happen to look in the mirror and realise my lips are still bright purple…well it doesn’t really make my hangover feel any better. To anyone who’s seen me on a morning you can pretty much agree, I already look bad enough!

My other favourite lip-glosses are the soap and glory ‘mother pucker’, coming in at a close second. I do think the tingly feeling is a bit strange though! And also the no7 range is pretty good for lipgloss.

However apolcalips by Rimmel is one of the worst things I’ve ever had touch my lips! It’s thick and sticky,and has a really weird taste. (Pictured right)

The maybeline ‘Baby lips’ is definitely a product you need during the winter! I think it comes in at £2.99, and basically does the same thing as Vaseline without the weird case and smell.


My current favourite  lipsticks are the mac ‘Spice it up’, ‘Media’ and ‘Mehr’. Obviously the picture isn’t a great quality at distinguishing the different shades (iPhone cameras for you!). However below are the three shades on. ‘Media’ and ‘Mehr’ are both matte and ‘Spice it up’ is more of a gloss. My current fave is ‘Spice it up’, as it’s sort of mix between the two other shades.

11026703_10203907290508093_1814883758_n 11020286_10203907405230961_1385646478_n 11016653_10203907371990130_86121998_n

1. When applying lipstick, I always start off by using the toothbrush trick. Basically I make sure all the dead skin is off my lips, and then wipe the excess off with a make-up remover wipe. Dry lips has always been a massive problem for me during the winter!

2. I then, using a Rimmel lip pencil to outline the top of my lips. I only do this as I think it balances out my top and bottom lip!

3. Next I apply the lipstick.

4. Then I do a quick touch up with lip pencil, just to make sure my lips are nice and even.

5. Finally, this is basically a trick I learnt on the internet…I’ve seen people use powder around their lips to set their make-up and highlight the skin around their lips. However, I feel this works better with a brush on concealer as it acts as a highlighter. It just seems to minimise smudges, and make your skin look more fresh!

Here are the products I use:










My personal fave for years now is from the Kate Moss Rimmel range in shade 110. It’s more of a coral red in real life, despite the fact my mam refers to it asOne day I’ll probably find a mac shade I prefer, but for £5 I’ll keep loving this for now!



What’s your favourite lip products? Let me know below!

Luce x