10 thoughts that go through every girls head whilst getting ready

I don’t know about you, but for me getting ready going out is such a stressful process! What if my eyelashes won’t go on right? What if I regret my outfit choice as soon as I walk out the door? And what if I forgot to turn my straighteners off and burn my house down? The stress!
So much can go wrong:
1. I’ve been thinking about wearing this dress all day, and now I’ve put it I look HUGE. What am I going to do?!! I’ve got 10 mintues to go before I need to leave for pre-drinks!! BREATHE LUCY, BREATHE.
2. Right I’m wearing this skirt instead now…it hides the extent of my bum….Now I need to tell everyone what I’m wearing, cause well obviously I don’t want to match.
3. How is my winged eyeliner not even? I was so careful!ย This eyeliner senses my fear.
4. Now for the most important decision of the night: Do I get red lips and try be all sexy? Go dark and be all gothy? Or go nude and go for the minimal look? SO MANY OPTIONS.
5. I’ve spent the last 45 minutes doing my hair, and it clearly looks like I’ve gone for the ‘cave-man who’s had wild sex, and just been dragged backwards through a bush’ look. I WANT TO CRY.
6. For god’s sake I forgot to paint my toe nails!! Do you think anyone will be looking at my feet? What if I meet someone hot with a foot fetish? Wait do people don’t actually have those? Oh yay, I’ve gone and smudged it.
7. Is my phone fully charged? Need to prepare myself for these drunken texts later…
8. WHERE IS MY ID? I’m sure I left it on my bedside table…what am I going to do?! I look about twelve! …. Oh wait, I’ve knocked it on the floor.
9. Right how tall should I be tonight? I really like the chunky ones, but I’m probably going to brake my neck, oh well it’s a risk I’m willing to take…Okay Matthew, tonight I’m going to be 5ft10!
10. Right I look acceptable…let’s take a selfie.

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