Is bigger really better?

Sorry about the title, I really couldn’t resist!
So basically I’ve had the snip…my jokes are terrible today. It was an emotional day for Luce, as I watched my extensions get took out and 3 inches chopped off my hair. I then then spent that night almost crying to my friends over the fact I thought I was ‘bald’.. I’m very pathetic.
It’s so weird because over the last week or so I’ve seen so many people I know, and celebrities have cut their hair short. (Kim Kardashian to anyone who’s been living under a rock!) Lucy Hale, Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez, are other examples who haven’t had short hair for that long. It might be a new trend for 2015? Maybe? We’ll see..
Anyway, the only reason I’ve now got short hair, is that I’ve had extensions in for almost a year now, and overall it was a very very bad/ painful, expensive mistake. Although it did help me grow my over-bleached hair out, I don’t think it was worth £500+ that was spent. I can’t help but think about how many mac lipsticks  I could have bought (32) or how many litres of smirnoff I could have drank (26). But everyone makes mistakes 🙁
The main thing I was worried about when getting my extensions took out, and my hair cut shorter, was the volume. I have naturaly thick hair myself, but obviously my extensions made it even thicker…so I was worried I was going to hate it. But to prepare myself, I’d stocked up on some new products:
11008944_10203813683327972_1540574775_nAs you can tell I’m a big fan of the Vo5 range, as I just think it’s so good quality for the price! Plus most of the time it’s on 3 for 2 somewhere. The ‘plump it up’ and the ‘give me texture’ are the two products I’ve mainly been using to achieve volume in my long bob. ‘Plump it up’ basically gives you the same effect as back combing, without the damage. And the ‘give me texture’ is just a volume powder you place in your roots to give your layers some volume.
The 24 hour body by TRESsemme is a volume spray that’s intended to be sprayed onto your roots when drying. However I’ve been using it all over, but it seems to give the same effect! It just generally makes my hair slightly thicker.
Obviously the batiste is just a quick fix. I’m not really a fan of dry shampoo as I think it makes your hair feel really weird. But I’ve tried most of the range, and this ones definitely the best for volume. The clue is probably the fact it says XXL on the can!

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When it comes to achieving volume through heat, I’ve always been a fan of Babylis heated rollers. Although they can be tricky and fiddly at first, once you get to grips with them, they’re so easy to use. Obviously the longer you leave them in/ the higher the heat setting, the tighter the curls will be. I tend to put them in while I put my make-up.
The only problem is, I feel like it can go wrong so easily! I’ve gone out a few times frustrated with my hair, because it’s flicked funny, or it hasn’t curled properly.

This was my best attempt at achieving some volume. I’d only had my hair cut at day at this point, so it probably could have gone a lot worse!I feel like with hair products, it’s a lot about trial and error with what works for your hair. As even though I can achieve a bit of volume at the start of the night…a few vodka lemonades later, it just seems to go a lot flatter!

If anyone has any good products they’d recommend for achieving volume, let me know!

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