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In 2014, and so far within 2015, thanks to Kylie and Cara we’ve seen the the lip and eyebrow epidemic take over. Much to the dislike or delight of yourself, you can’t deny the fact that both are big news right now. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’ve already had my input on all things eyebrows (click here).
But now, purely because I’ve ate two thirds of a cheesecake and I’m distracting myself from the last third, I’m going to move onto lips. This post is a little different to anything I’ve wrote before, but feel free to comment and leave your opinion below!



Go mac or go make-up wipe?

I personally like Kylie Jenner’s lips. As someone who’s naturally got big lips (see below), anything to boast the desirability of fuller lips is obviously something I want! I’m not ashamed to ad10965464_10203747171065207_1716067645_n (1)mit I’ve read a good few articles on Kylie’s lip technique…I could even name you the mac lipsticks she uses to achieve her look (yes I am aware I have too much time on my hands).

However, over the last few years, some of my friends from Middlesbrough and Sunderland picked up on the fact I have big lips. So, in the name of banter, you can only imagine the nickname I got…But like I said, banter. But it did make me hate my lips a bit!

When I smile I think the look really weird because of having fuller lips. So that’s why on most photos of me, you can normally see me looking away from the camera, pulling a funny face, or having a not so attractive drunken pout. So when the fuller lips come into fashion, it did help me get over my lip hatred a bit.

Defining your lips, and adjusting the shape and size is definitely something that depends on the individual. Having really thin lips, and attempting to copy the shape of Kylie Jenner’s, would look ridiculous. (See the photo I instagram’d haha!) But however, if done well, can really define your lips in comparison to the other features on your face.

Also, living so close to Newcastle and the Geordie Shore culture, it’d probably be easy to get sucked into the lip filler craze going on right now. Well, that’d be if I had the spare cash, and the desire for god knows what, to be pumped into my lips. But I definitely think a good lipstick and a decent lip liner is definitely a safer/cheaper/better alternative.

I personally, only slightly define the natural shape of my lips (post to come), without scribbling lip liner all over my chin. I only actually define my top lip, as I feel like in counteracts the size of my lower lip when I smile. However, I only do this on nights out or special occasions though (no ones got time for that before lectures!)

But what do you think about the whole fuller lips craze right now? Would you go mac or go make-up wipe? Feel free to leave your opinion below!

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