Start of the spring/summer warbrobe

So by some miracle I still had about 90% of my Christmas money left (this is a massive achievement for me!!!). So I decided it was now time for some more spring(y) clothes. There’s only so long you can wear jumpers for, before going mental!…Well for me anyway!

I spent around £100 on a a shirt, a jersey top, a silk vest, some new jeans, and a pair of silver pumps which I’m very excited about. However, last week I bought myself a skirt for Valentines day (got to look after number one haha), so I’ve included that in these pictures. I still have a few hundred pound left from Christmas, but I plan on spending a chunk of that visiting my friend Katy at Easter, and getting very very drunk.

cropped shirt

I’ve been stalking this Topshop shirt for a while online, and when I walked into Sunderland Topshop today I couldn’t resist! The jeans are also from Topshop, from the ‘leigh’ range. And although you can’t really see, there’s a few cut outs in them.

In the past I’ve never really been a fan out white jeans, as I swear they make your thighs look about x1000 times bigger. However I’m quite happy with my weight at the minute so I thought sod it!

I think this is a really good crossover season outfit, as I’ll be wearing it with my leather jacket and boots for now, and then switching it up with pumps or sandals when it starts to get warm…if that happens!


I’m really loving the khaki colour at the minute, so when I saw this Topshop top was under £10 with student discount (yes really), I just had to get it. It’s not even a jersey or cheap material, which usually the cheaper tops in Topshop are, it just feels more like a thicker strapped cami.

I’ll be wearing it with my black ripped jeans, and boots or pumps depending on the weather. It’s one of the outfits which you can just shot on for uni without really thinking about it, which is what I need considering I struggle to get out of bed 99% of the time.



The stripey jersey top was £9 with student discount from New Look. Which compared to the similar ones in Topshop, worked out about half the price. Although I’ve got it with the white skirt here, I’ll be more likely wearing it with jeans.

The skirt is another Topshop purhcase…I’ve been going a bit Topshop mad lately! Although it can be styled for a more day time look (left) I think it looks so much nicer dressed up (down).

I11005684_10203872987850548_1106474864_nf you’ve been regularly reading my blog you’ll know how much I’m loving stripes and monochrome lately…but I’ve probably gone a bit OOT. However, all these clothes can be mixed and matched so I don’t feel too guilty!




Lastly is my new pumps (image copyright of Miss Selfridge). I’ve just ordered them offline as I couldn’t be bothered to drive up to the metro centre to go get them.

cropped shoeI love love love the whole holographic thing that’s going out at the minute, so for £22.50 I had to join in on the trend.

Although £22.50 is quite expensive for pumps, I think Miss Selfridge do good quality pumps…far better than Topshop! So least I know they’ll last. Although I’m not really a fan of pointy shoes, I think these are quite cute, so I’ll get over it!

The only thing I’m gutted I didn’t buy, is something camel! I really like the camel colour, but I can’t really find anything I love in that colour. However, I do have a stripy camel Topshop top from when camel was ‘in’ a few years ago, so I’ll definitely be digging that out.

Feel free to leave a comment, and let me know what you think of my choices!


10 thoughts that go through every girls head whilst getting ready

I don’t know about you, but for me getting ready going out is such a stressful process! What if my eyelashes won’t go on right? What if I regret my outfit choice as soon as I walk out the door? And what if I forgot to turn my straighteners off and burn my house down? The stress!

So much can go wrong:

1. I’ve been thinking about wearing this dress all day, and now I’ve put it I look HUGE. What am I going to do?!! I’ve got 10 mintues to go before I need to leave for pre-drinks!! BREATHE LUCY, BREATHE.

2. Right I’m wearing this skirt instead now…it hides the extent of my bum….Now I need to tell everyone what I’m wearing, cause well obviously I don’t want to match.

3. How is my winged eyeliner not even? I was so careful! This eyeliner senses my fear.

4. Now for the most important decision of the night: Do I get red lips and try be all sexy? Go dark and be all gothy? Or go nude and go for the minimal look? SO MANY OPTIONS.

5. I’ve spent the last 45 minutes doing my hair, and it clearly looks like I’ve gone for the ‘cave-man who’s had wild sex, and just been dragged backwards through a bush’ look. I WANT TO CRY.

6. For god’s sake I forgot to paint my toe nails!! Do you think anyone will be looking at my feet? What if I meet someone hot with a foot fetish? Wait do people don’t actually have those? Oh yay, I’ve gone and smudged it.

7. Is my phone fully charged? Need to prepare myself for these drunken texts later…

8. WHERE IS MY ID? I’m sure I left it on my bedside table…what am I going to do?! I look about twelve! …. Oh wait, I’ve knocked it on the floor.

9. Right how tall should I be tonight? I really like the chunky ones, but I’m probably going to brake my neck, oh well it’s a risk I’m willing to take…Okay Matthew, tonight I’m going to be 5ft10!

10. Right I look acceptable…let’s take a selfie.


Is bigger really better?

Sorry about the title, I really couldn’t resist!

So basically I’ve had the snip…my jokes are terrible today. It was an emotional day for Luce, as I watched my extensions get took out and 3 inches chopped off my hair. I then then spent that night almost crying to my friends over the fact I thought I was ‘bald’.. I’m very pathetic.

It’s so weird because over the last week or so I’ve seen so many people I know, and celebrities have cut their hair short. (Kim Kardashian to anyone who’s been living under a rock!) Lucy Hale, Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez, are other examples who haven’t had short hair for that long. It might be a new trend for 2015? Maybe? We’ll see..

Anyway, the only reason I’ve now got short hair, is that I’ve had extensions in for almost a year now, and overall it was a very very bad/ painful, expensive mistake. Although it did help me grow my over-bleached hair out, I don’t think it was worth £500+ that was spent. I can’t help but think about how many mac lipsticks  I could have bought (32) or how many litres of smirnoff I could have drank (26). But everyone makes mistakes 😦

The main thing I was worried about when getting my extensions took out, and my hair cut shorter, was the volume. I have naturaly thick hair myself, but obviously my extensions made it even thicker…so I was worried I was going to hate it. But to prepare myself, I’d stocked up on some new products:

11008944_10203813683327972_1540574775_nAs you can tell I’m a big fan of the Vo5 range, as I just think it’s so good quality for the price! Plus most of the time it’s on 3 for 2 somewhere. The ‘plump it up’ and the ‘give me texture’ are the two products I’ve mainly been using to achieve volume in my long bob. ‘Plump it up’ basically gives you the same effect as back combing, without the damage. And the ‘give me texture’ is just a volume powder you place in your roots to give your layers some volume.

The 24 hour body by TRESsemme is a volume spray that’s intended to be sprayed onto your roots when drying. However I’ve been using it all over, but it seems to give the same effect! It just generally makes my hair slightly thicker.

Obviously the batiste is just a quick fix. I’m not really a fan of dry shampoo as I think it makes your hair feel really weird. But I’ve tried most of the range, and this ones definitely the best for volume. The clue is probably the fact it says XXL on the can!


Image copyright of Amazon

When it comes to achieving volume through heat, I’ve always been a fan of Babylis heated rollers. Although they can be tricky and fiddly at first, once you get to grips with them, they’re so easy to use. Obviously the longer you leave them in/ the higher the heat setting, the tighter the curls will be. I tend to put them in while I put my make-up.

The only problem is, I feel like it can go wrong so easily! I’ve gone out a few times frustrated with my hair, because it’s flicked funny, or it hasn’t curled properly.


This was my best attempt at achieving some volume. I’d only had my hair cut at day at this point, so it probably could have gone a lot worse!I feel like with hair products, it’s a lot about trial and error with what works for your hair. As even though I can achieve a bit of volume at the start of the night…a few vodka lemonades later, it just seems to go a lot flatter!

If anyone has any good products they’d recommend for achieving volume, let me know!

My favourite trend

My favourite thing about this seasons clothes so far is definitely the stripe trend. Everyone who knows me well, will know how much I love to wear all black. So wearing monochrome stripes is definitely not to far away from my comfort zone!

Because I’m trying to be good, I’ve only bought two pieces in the trend. (Although the I could have bought a lot more and had to stop myself)! A few of other items I like in the trend are below.

My dress was bought on double student discount from Miss Selfridge at £22.40. Which for a Miss Selfridge is an absolute steal! I really like the cut of the dress, as despite horizontal stripes typically making you look wider, I still think it’s a flattering cut. Plus I think it’s one of them dresses that never really go out of fashion. The top was only £13.50 from Missguided! The only annoying thing about the top is that its slightly too long for me, however in the photo I’ve rolled it up slightly.  Also the top is double lined, making it a lot thicker than your average cami. But I’d say for £13.50, the quality is really really good!
My favourite picks
10968178_10203767566135071_1715430551_n 10979167_10203767565975067_1964307375_n 10962035_10203767565655059_82388835_n
L-R: Topshop, Topshop, Miss Selfridge,
Bottom: Motel Rocks
Photos copyright of Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Motel Rocks

The lip debate

In 2014, and so far within 2015, thanks to Kylie and Cara we’ve seen the the lip and eyebrow epidemic take over. Much to the dislike or delight of yourself, you can’t deny the fact that both are big news right now. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’ve already had my input on all things eyebrows (click here).

But now, purely because I’ve ate two thirds of a cheesecake and I’m distracting myself from the last third, I’m going to move onto lips. This post is a little different to anything I’ve wrote before, but feel free to comment and leave your opinion below!




Go mac or go make-up wipe?

I personally like Kylie Jenner’s lips. As someone who’s naturally got big lips (see below), anything to boast the desirability of fuller lips is obviously something I want! I’m not ashamed to ad10965464_10203747171065207_1716067645_n (1)mit I’ve read a good few articles on Kylie’s lip technique…I could even name you the mac lipsticks she uses to achieve her look (yes I am aware I have too much time on my hands).

However, over the last few years, some of my friends from Middlesbrough and Sunderland picked up on the fact I have big lips. So, in the name of banter, you can only imagine the nickname I got…But like I said, banter. But it did make me hate my lips a bit!

When I smile I think the look really weird because of having fuller lips. So that’s why on most photos of me, you can normally see me looking away from the camera, pulling a funny face, or having a not so attractive drunken pout. So when the fuller lips come into fashion, it did help me get over my lip hatred a bit.

Defining your lips, and adjusting the shape and size is definitely something that depends on the individual. Having really thin lips, and attempting to copy the shape of Kylie Jenner’s, would look ridiculous. (See the photo I instagram’d haha!) But however, if done well, can really define your lips in comparison to the other features on your face.

Also, living so close to Newcastle and the Geordie Shore culture, it’d probably be easy to get sucked into the lip filler craze going on right now. Well, that’d be if I had the spare cash, and the desire for god knows what, to be pumped into my lips. But I definitely think a good lipstick and a decent lip liner is definitely a safer/cheaper/better alternative.

I personally, only slightly define the natural shape of my lips (post to come), without scribbling lip liner all over my chin. I only actually define my top lip, as I feel like in counteracts the size of my lower lip when I smile. However, I only do this on nights out or special occasions though (no ones got time for that before lectures!)

But what do you think about the whole fuller lips craze right now? Would you go mac or go make-up wipe? Feel free to leave your opinion below!

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