My dirty little secret

Baring in mind the whole eyebrow epidemic is going on right now…I have a confession:
Up until last month, I have never got my eyebrows waxed/plucked/threaded before!
My eyebrows regularly saw me hacking at them with with tweezers, and then attempting to thin10942806_10203672939889474_2069312282_n them out with nail scissors. The only special treatment they got was when they got filled out a bit with an eyebrow pencil. Despite this…I don’t think they were that bad. I’ll let you judge but…it could of gone a lot worse.
Then one day over Christmas I was just scrolling through instagram, then it dawned on me… I really need to man up and sort my eyebrows out! I rang my best friend Cathyrn, and I was like, where ever you get yours done, you’re dragging me along ASAP!
I ended up going to a place on Baker Street in Middlesbrough called pateschi, after taking Cathyrn’s word that the results were really good…and of course, after stalking their instagram! On the day I went, I had the flu really bad, and I was really paranoid I was going to do something really embarrassing like sneeze or cough in the girls face.
I decided to go for HD brows at £20.  I was really impressed with myself during the whole process, as I only managed to scream once (I’m a massive wuss!) Anyway, these were the results: 10872103_10203672962210032_1468332825_n
If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know about a month ago I purchased some new eyebrow products in order to initially  give me a push to keep on top of them.  Click here for the review.
This is my entire collection of eyebrow related products. Although in my initial review of the Barry M pen I really liked it, yesterday I found the Gosh pen! At £6.50 from superdrug,  the product is priced pretty average, but the results are amazing, and so much better than the Barry M pen! If you want to buy a new eyebrow product, TRY THIS! Go get your arse to superdrug right now…I promise you, you won’t regret it. The GOSH pen allows your eyebrows to look like you’ve just walked out of your appointment. I just love it!
Usually I’ll add a bit of definition to my eyebrows using a pen, and then using the brow mascara, I’ll add a bit of thickness.
The only problem with being eyebrow products I’ve found, is the varying shades of what can be classed as ‘dark brown’. I don’t know if other shades have this problem? Let me know!As all these shades on the left drew on my hand, are ‘dark brown’ from different brands. As you can clearly tell, the colours are quite different! So if you prefer to stick to one particular shade, a play around with the testers would be well worth it.
After a month, my eyebrows are still looking  pretty good. However, they are starting to grow a bit, so I’ve booked my next appointment (I’ll try and man up and not scream this time!) .Keeping on top of my eyebrows is definitely my new years resolution, as I just think good eyebrows shapes your face so much better! So I’m sure I can definitely manage £20 out of my budget every 4-6 weeks, and a slight bit of pain, to keep myself happy!
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