Bronzed, highlighted, and nude.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never really thought about contouring till the end of last year. Most of the products seemed expensive, and I didn’t really know much about it. And I’ve really just always relied on my trustworthy Rimmel blusher to give me a bit of glow. So I’d just had my loan, so I decided to buy the Bourjois bronzing and highlighter palette on a bit of a whim. After following the daily mail guided to contouring, I taught myself how to do it pretty quickly…well it’s not really that hard! The link is worth a click, as there’s some really handy tips on there!
Here’s a quick breakdown of my contouring routine, and the products I use to create it:
1. So obviously I was feeling very brave and decided to show everyone what I look like with no make-up. Very sorry for my bags under my eyes, I’ve been told its just the shadow of the light, and I’m not really that haggard! Plus I’m currently off uni, so I’m not really sure what I look so tired! But anyway, I always like to give my face a quick once over with a make up removal wipe, to make sure my face is completely bare. 
10942846_10203669017871426_988402458_n2. Next I put on my primer. I’ve recently changed my primer to the Maybelline instant pore iraser, as I had an allergic reaction to my rimmel one I was previously using. My skin kept going hot, and red and blotchy, and because I’m a complete idiot, I didn’t click on it was only happening as soon as a I put my primer one. (I have zero common sense). Anyway, this one is definitely a lot better on my skin, and makes my skin feel really soft all day! I also think it’s really funny because I think it looks and feels like lube…
10941765_10203669017791424_410249627_n3. Next for the concealer! I’ve been using a rimmel one as reviewed in one of my previous posts. Although I do alternate between this and a solid rimmel concealer, depending on what foundation I use. As I’m using my mac foundation, I decided to pick this product as I don’t really need a thick coverage from my concealer with using my mac studio fix.  
10937562_10203669017111407_909159630_n4. Next with a brush, I put my mac studio fix on my face. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know this is my ‘going out’ foundation. I’ve used this, as I didn’t see the point in using my day time foundation to contour my face, when I wouldn’t contour my face during the day. 
5. Now it’s finally time to contour! I add bronzer using my real techniques expert face brush, to my temples, my hairline, my cheek bones, my jaw line, and down the sides of my nose. Then using my fingers, I add highlighter to the middle of my nose, the top of my cheeks, above my nose, under my eyebrows, and along the lines between my nose and mouth (I didn’t know the correct term). I use the Bourjois bronzing and highlighter palette for all this, apart from the lines on my nose of which I use MUA bronzer, as I feel this blends better on my nose.
10942299_10203669014911352_434973217_n6. Now using my rimmel face powder and my Avon brush, I blend the products together and this is the result. My lighting is pretty shit in my room as it goes from dim to blinding depending on which lights I have one. And as I didn’t see the point in adding a filter to the photo, I apologise for the quality! 
I use contouring more to highlight my features, instead of to create them. My cheek bones and my favourite part of my face, so that’s why I like to highlight them. It just gives me more confidence in my face in pictures. Obviously I wouldn’t do this for during the day as my make-up routine would take forever! So I hoped you like my post, or at least had a laugh at my no make-up selfie!
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