My obsession with Missguided

As a girl, I just want to have a new outfit every time I go out…as a student, I know I can’t.
Since I was about 15 I’ve been in love with Topshop. I don’t know why, but I think the clothes in there are just so much better. I walk in and there’s about a million and one things I want in there…and then I look at the price tag! Don’t get me wrong, I still buy of stuff out of Topshop (because if you love something, the love will never truly go away…HAHA CRINGE). But in 2014, I discovered Missguided…
Not only does Missguided have in my opinion, the best ‘going out clothes’ you can get for your moneys worth. But also the jersey tops are on par with topshop, as not only are they the exact same quality, but they’re a lot cheaper!
Most of my dresses are in fact from Missguided. With a dress averaging between £20-£30, treating myself now and again will not dent my student budget too much.
Here are my favourite picks from 2014:
10917521_10203614627031689_336311592_nSeptember. The only problem was at the time I was loosing weight, and with Missguided sizes being slightly big, I had to get the dress one the left altered around my stomach and ribs, as I thought the size smaller would be too small. And the dress on the right was unfortunately too big around my stomach as well. Once that had been sorted, I loved the dresses! Especially the one on the left, as I seemed to get a lot of compliments on it. I think you can never go wrong with a little black dress as I doubt black will ever go out of fashion…well I’m hoping so anyway!!!
Carrying on my LBD obsession I purchased this dress. Being only 5ft4 I did have to have the dress shortened, but as you can see, I still think it’s a nice length. I think this dress photographs really well, and I really love the cut. I think it’s one of them dresses you can just shot on when you can’t decide what to wear, and you still know you’ll look nice. The only problem is having to wear certain underwear due to the mesh around my hips! But apart from that, I love this dress!
Please pay no attention to the skirt as it’s about two years old and from Miss Selfridge…this is a shout out to the bralet! I bought this bralet on Missguided double discount (always a bad time for my weekly budget), and I think I only paid £13 for it! I have dragged this out for halloween, and wore it on at least 4 nights out with this skirt…which is good for me!!! And it’s been worn with a few of my Topshop skirts (see my new going out clothes here). I think in Topshop, very very similar bralets were being sold for about £25/30. So for half the price…you definitely can’t complain.
This was my end of term christmassy dress. I think its quite similar to the likes of Jones and Jones, but absoultely no where near the price, at £35. I really love this dress as it’s so different to anything I’d normally wear. And at chrismas, you can’t not add a bit of glitter to wardrobe! I think the mesh adds a slight sexiness to the dress, and stops it looking too girly.
I’m a bit of a weirdo, as I’ll associate clothes with the memories I had in them. I think because I had such an amazing night the night I first wore this, I think i’ll forever love this dress. (I know…I’m a bit cringey).
My jersey picks10751972_10203614626391673_480692219_n
As I’ve already mentioned, I love the jersey tops from Missguided, so I couldn’t not include my two favourite ones…sorry I couldn’t pick just one!
This is a jersey wrap top in green as you can see…although it does come in a wide range of colours now! It’s quite a versatile top, as it looks smart caus with a pair of jeans during the day, and can be dressed up with some leather trousers on a night. My favourite things about the top is the lovely green colour, and the shape, as it’s just so different. I think I purchased this for around £15, so it’s an absoulte bargain!
This is my newest Missguided top. I love the a-symmetric cut as it makes it a lot more interesting than your average white cotton jersey. Although I’m wearing it with my blue ripped jeans, the top looks so much better with my black skinnys, achieving a monochrome look.
What do you think of Missguided? Do you often purchase clothes off the site? How do you think it compares to the likes of Topshop? Drop me a comment and let me know!
Lucy x

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