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Like I’ve already said, I try to get most of my make-up for Christmas and birthdays. I would feel so guilty buying Mac and Benefit out of my student loan!
Vodka? Beans? Mixer?…Justifiable!..Some new benefit eye shadow…maybe not!
I spent so much of my Christmas money on make-up, and my Mam also got me a few things as well. Here’s my new products:
10921860_10203601838591986_768475894_nI always wear Mac studio fix on nights out. I really love the coverage, and the way it feels on my skin! And for Mac foundation, just over £20 is definitely reasonable! Each bottle lasts me around 6 months as I only wear it 2-3 times a week. This is the best foundation I’ve ever found for my skin. I would wear it throughout the door, but I think the coverage is slightly too heavy for a day time.This is the best foundation I’ve ever found for my skin. I would wear it throughout the door, but I think the coverage is slightly too heavy for a day time. Plus I’m a student, I can’t really justify frequently buying mac foundation!
I know most people are team urban decay, but personally I’m more of a benefit fan. The smokin’ eyes palette I’ve used since I was about 16! 4 and a half years later I’ve finally used up two of the colours, so it was definitely time for a new one! I’ve used several other make-up brands to try and create the perfect smokey eye, but this by far is my favourite. I know the pictures are pretty rubbish as I’d saved them with the filter…but you can get the idea.
10904944_10203605649087246_596847927_nThe bright eyes palette is my new favourite eye palette! It’s perfect forday, and night time as an alternative to the smokey. From the picture, I can definitely understand why it’s called ‘bright eye’!
This was a night out look I had this week. I’m wearing my mac foundation, and using the benefit bright eyes palette with a mac lipstick in shade ‘mehr’. Lately I’ve been keeping my face reasonably natural, and contrasting with a nude or a bold lipstick depending on my outfit.
I normally wear false eyelashes, but this particular night the weather in Sunderland was ridiculous, so there was no chance of my eyelashes staying on!
This is my new mac lipstick in shade ‘media’. I was scrolling through twitter one night over Christmas, and stumbled across this shade on one of them cringey quote twitter pages. I sent it to my best friend like hmmm, this is a bit different from my usual nude! I paired it with the rimmel lip liner in shade 064.
This is a picture of me wearing the shade. (My liner has gone slightly astray as I’d had a drink sorry!) Having quite big lips, I like to define the shape of my top lip slightly, as I really hate the size of my lips. I really don’t understand people who go out and cover their faces in lip liner, as I’d love to have small lips!
10904379_10203601824831642_1001269665_nThese are a couple of Avon products my Mam chose for me for Christmas… I’m sure she’s trying to tell me something buying me a correction palette?
After testing the product and following the instructions in the box, I thought it seemed a lot of hassle for the results. I think I generally have quite good skin, so I think I’d rather personally stick with my usual concealer.
As well, I’m not really a fan of eye shadow pencils. I don’t really think you get accurate results compared to powder, and these were no different. However the one thing I can say, about this product is that I’ve had eye shadow pencils I’ve had in the past have tended to snap…so least this one is still in one piece!
I also got new collection of brushes, but I’ll mention that when I get round to writing my post on contouring.
What do you think of my reviews? Do you use these products, or would recommend any better? Drop me a comment!
Lucy x

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