New semester 'going out' clothes

Following on from the last blog post, this post is focuses just on my new ‘going out’ clothes.
On a weekly basis, I probably go out 2-3 times a week (I’m a student…it’s hard to say no!). In the club on a Monday, I tend to not get dressed up, and go out more ‘smart casual’. Wednesday’s are more of a dressy night for me, so I’ll normally wear a dress and comfy heels. On a Friday I normally stick to leather leggings, black jeans, or a playsuit with some chunky boots.
Here are my new New semester ‘going out’ clothes:

This is a long bondage style crop top from Topshop, and a pair of Topshop shorts. The top is cut out at the side, although you can’t see from the photo. However, these are not the shoes I wore on that particular night as I didn’t have them in the house at the time, so for the photo I’ve teamed the outfit with my over the knee boots. I’m a firm believer of showing one part of my body, that’s why I’ve choose to go for a longer top, as the shorts are quite short. I think wearing smart shorts makes a good alternative to wearing dresses, and with my massive dress collection, wearing an outfit like this is definitely something a bit different.
This is my new favourite outfit! This playsuit is from the concessions section in Topshop, and I really can’t describe how much I love it! The playsuit as you can tell is really fitted and shows off my waist, but also skims over my bum and stomach which I’m happy about! Although as I’m only 5ft4, the playsuit is quite short on me as you can see, so this is one time in my life being short as had an advantage! I wore this outfit on NYE, and got quite a lot of compliments, so I definitely plan on dragging this out on a weekly basis for a while!
kjlThis a velvet mesh t shirt dress I bought from Missguided (click here for link as it doesn’t photograph well!) It’s one of them ‘go-to’ outfits, as I can just shot it on with a pair of tights if I hadn’t been bothered to shave my legs…we’ve all been there! The mesh shows a bit of your figure of as well, because if the whole dress had been fully velvet, it really wouldn’t have done anything for me at all!
Although I’ve already posted the skirt in my casual section, I prefer this look as it’s a bit edgier with the lace crop and a leather jacket. I wore this for a ‘last minute’ night out at the start of the week. Although once I got in the club I just shot the jacket in the staff room ( I work there) because it was boiling and I find it weird wearing a jacket on a night out…it’s a north east thing!
Keeping it on a student friendly theme, a lot of my clothes are mix and match (the black lace crop top gets worn with everything and only cost me £13 from missguided). The most expensive outfit was the shorts and top as everything else was under £40, although yet again, the outfit will be getting mixed and matched. As a student, you ALWAYS have to justify it!
What did you think of my night out choices? I’m trying to mix my wardrobe up a lot, there’s why I only decided to only buy one dress, as my dress collection is ridiculous already! Plus it’s winter so it’s freezing! Feel free to drop me a comment!

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