This semesters 'day time' make-up

I’m one of them people that puts a massive front on. I really believe acting confident, even though you might not feel it,  will just make you feel so much better in yourself! I get my confidence from my make-up.
Don’t get me wrong, my house mates have seen me in some states..mostly hungover with last nights make up on, (bad habit), hair stuck, and a massive onsie on. Also I’m not bad if I’m with someone, I definitely wouldn’t be waking up early to put foundation and a bit of mascara on. But I just couldn’t imagine spending a whole day outside without make up on.
“>For me, it’s get my eye-liner even, stop my eyebrows from sticking up, make sure my lashes aren’t clumpy, and now it’s time to be confident!
So before each semester starts, I like to try and stock up on as much make up as I can, so I don’t spend my loan on it…I feel less guilty that way! This post will focus on my average day time make up, as these products are a lot friendlier on a student budget! All the make-up featured below was bought for £50 from a christmas boots voucher (minus the eyelure eyelashes which were bought from Superdrug).
Products bought

  1. Rimmel lasting finish foundation in True Ivory 
  2. Supercat Soap and Glory eyeliner
  3. Rimmel Provocalips lip colour in Kiss Fatal 
  4. Rimmel Lash Accelerator
  5. L’oreal Brow mascara
  6. Barry M Brow Pen
  7. Rimmel Match Perfection concealer and highlighter
  8. Rimmel Fix and Protect primer 
  9. Rimmel blusher in Bronze
  10. Barry M Gelly in Plum

Continued purchases
I have been buying this primer for a while. I think the primer feels great on my skin, without being too heavy compared to other primers. Plus it’s a lot cheaper in comparison to other brands!
Out of all the day time foundations I have ever bought, I really like the coverage and finish of Rimmel lasting finish. The coverage is enough for a natural day time look, without being too heavy on my skin.
The mascara I bought is also a personal favourite. It allows a false eyelash effect, but at the same time natural, without clumps! The mascara is easily build-able for a more noticeable night time look, if you prefer not to wear false eyelashes.
The blush is a product I have worn for years. With my skin tone, a pinker blush would look silly, so I always prefer to go for a more bronze look.
Rimmel Provocalips lip colour is my all time favourite lip product (minus mac lipstick). It literally doesn’t budge, and the range of colours are so good! I own a few now.
I don’t really think the Barry M gelly range needs a comment, I think most of the country own at least 5 by now!
New Purchases
The soap and glory eye-liner is my new favourite product! I’ve tried similar productrs in other brands such as Rimmel and No7, and the quality in comparison is shocking! The eye-liner goes on literally like a felt tip, (which other brands claim to and fail). The size and shape of the product allows you to create winged eye-liner so easily! Couldn’t reccomend any more!
I have finally bit the bullet and had HD eyebrows. I’ve never even had my eyebrows waxed before a few days ago (I know…bad Lucy). So I’ve bought new products that would encourage me to keep on top of them. The Barry M brow pen allows you to match the condition of your eyebrows as if you were walking straight out of your appointment! The product is a bit tricky to use as it’s so chunky, but once you get to grips with it, you’ll love the result. I also bought the brow mascara from L’oreal. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what brow mascara was, but once I sussed it, my eyebrows looked so much thicker. I really love it!
I really think all these products are definitely available on a student budget, and apart from the foundation and mascara, the products will last me throughout the semester. Have you tried these products? What do you think of my review? Please comment and let me know!
Luce x

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