New semester day time clothes

For Christmas, I was lucky enough, along with vouchers, to be given money to be spent purely on clothes. As a student, I obviously took full advantage of this, and I can’t describe how much really enjoyed spending it!
Apart from the odd top now and again, I allow myself to buy a dress once a month. I do this in order to buy more important things…like vodka. However most of my clothes I get off my parents for my birthday in June, some new autumn/winter clothes in September for going back to uni with, and obviously Christmas.
This is the majority of my new ‘day-time’ clothes featured below. However, I also10884803_10203518402306131_1705743239_n have a misguided asymmetric white jersey top (link here), some Topshop ‘Leigh’ black ripped jeans, which are both already packed to go back to uni with. And also a pair of Topshop ‘mom’ shorts, which I grabbed for £4.50!
The slightly cropped shirt is from  Motel Rocks. Although I’ve bought dresses from Motel in the past, i’ve never actually bought a top. The tapestry pattern is so pretty, and I really love the burgundy colour. Motel Rocks always does really good student discount, as I always keep an eye out for the common 25% offer!
As I’ve never posed for anything like this  before I felt a bit awkward…as you can tell! The above is just me attempting to sort myself out haha.
This top is from Topshop and the same cut as a green tapestry print one I already own. However the material on this a crepe, and the colour is a more springy mustard…therefore an excuse to buy it! Although I like this with jeans as pictured, the length is perfect to wear with leather leggings, for more of a grunge night time look. The jeans are also from topshop, and are from the ‘Leigh range’. The floppy hat is from Primark, and adds a more of a spring look, in comparison to a Fedora.
10913639_10203518406306231_1185910467_n I love love love this Topshop skirt! As one of a lover of black and monochrome, I just couldn’t resist!
Also, it’s definitely the comfiest skirt I own! This is a perfect item to wear with jersey tops (such as the misguided one pictured) and thick jumpers this time of year, and then with a cami top throughout the summer.I sneakily left the tag on as I thought it might go in the sale…I was right haha! I then returned it and bought it at sale price. I’m a student…howay! The skirt is also a good piece to wear with heels on nights out! 
As I’ve already said, I love burgandy! Therefore I couldn’t resist this Topshop oversized blouse! (My Mam actually did iron this…) It’ll be a simple choice to shot on with jeans when I’m in a rush for uni, and can’t be bothered to root my way through the piles of clothes on my floor.
Although Topshop at times is pricey despite the  student discount, you cannot fault the quality! I would rather get my main piece from Topshop such as the skirt, then head to misguided for jersey tops. Which are in fact cheaper and identical to Topshop! Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, Motel Rocks is extremely student friendly at times, and so is Misguided (post to come on my love for the site!).
I wanted all my new pieces to be quite versatile for nights out and the spring. As student, I can’t really afford to constantly buy new clothes (well I could, but I would be forever sat in with no vodka/jager money), so I tried to get pieces I know I would get my ware out of.
What do you think of my choices? Feel free to comment and let me know!
Luce x

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