My dirty little secret

Baring in mind the whole eyebrow epidemic is going on right now…I have a confession:

Up until last month, I have never got my eyebrows waxed/plucked/threaded before!

My eyebrows regularly saw me hacking at them with with tweezers, and then attempting to thin10942806_10203672939889474_2069312282_n them out with nail scissors. The only special treatment they got was when they got filled out a bit with an eyebrow pencil. Despite this…I don’t think they were that bad. I’ll let you judge but…it could of gone a lot worse.

Then one day over Christmas I was just scrolling through instagram, then it dawned on me… I really need to man up and sort my eyebrows out! I rang my best friend Cathyrn, and I was like, where ever you get yours done, you’re dragging me along ASAP!

I ended up going to a place on Baker Street in Middlesbrough called pateschi, after taking Cathyrn’s word that the results were really good…and of course, after stalking their instagram! On the day I went, I had the flu really bad, and I was really paranoid I was going to do something really embarrassing like sneeze or cough in the girls face.

I decided to go for HD brows at £20.  I was really impressed with myself during the whole process, as I only managed to scream once (I’m a massive wuss!) Anyway, these were the results: 10872103_10203672962210032_1468332825_n


If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know about a month ago I purchased some new eyebrow products in order to initially  give me a push to keep on top of them.  Click here for the review.


This is my entire collection of eyebrow related products. Although in my initial review of the Barry M pen I really liked it, yesterday I found the Gosh pen! At £6.50 from superdrug,  the product is priced pretty average, but the results are amazing, and so much better than the Barry M pen! If you want to buy a new eyebrow product, TRY THIS! Go get your arse to superdrug right now…I promise you, you won’t regret it. The GOSH pen allows your eyebrows to look like you’ve just walked out of your appointment. I just love it!

Usually I’ll add a bit of definition to my eyebrows using a pen, and then using the brow mascara, I’ll add a bit of thickness.


The only problem with being eyebrow products I’ve found, is the varying shades of what can be classed as ‘dark brown’. I don’t know if other shades have this problem? Let me know!As all these shades on the left drew on my hand, are ‘dark brown’ from different brands. As you can clearly tell, the colours are quite different! So if you prefer to stick to one particular shade, a play around with the testers would be well worth it.



After a month, my eyebrows are still looking  pretty good. However, they are starting to grow a bit, so I’ve booked my next appointment (I’ll try and man up and not scream this time!) .Keeping on top of my eyebrows is definitely my new years resolution, as I just think good eyebrows shapes your face so much better! So I’m sure I can definitely manage £20 out of my budget every 4-6 weeks, and a slight bit of pain, to keep myself happy!







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Bronzed, highlighted, and nude.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never really thought about contouring till the end of last year. Most of the products seemed expensive, and I didn’t really know much about it. And I’ve really just always relied on my trustworthy Rimmel blusher to give me a bit of glow. So I’d just had my loan, so I decided to buy the Bourjois bronzing and highlighter palette on a bit of a whim. After following the daily mail guided to contouring, I taught myself how to do it pretty quickly…well it’s not really that hard! The link is worth a click, as there’s some really handy tips on there!

Here’s a quick breakdown of my contouring routine, and the products I use to create it:

















1. So obviously I was feeling very brave and decided to show everyone what I look like with no make-up. Very sorry for my bags under my eyes, I’ve been told its just the shadow of the light, and I’m not really that haggard! Plus I’m currently off uni, so I’m not really sure what I look so tired! But anyway, I always like to give my face a quick once over with a make up removal wipe, to make sure my face is completely bare. 




10942846_10203669017871426_988402458_n2. Next I put on my primer. I’ve recently changed my primer to the Maybelline instant pore iraser, as I had an allergic reaction to my rimmel one I was previously using. My skin kept going hot, and red and blotchy, and because I’m a complete idiot, I didn’t click on it was only happening as soon as a I put my primer one. (I have zero common sense). Anyway, this one is definitely a lot better on my skin, and makes my skin feel really soft all day! I also think it’s really funny because I think it looks and feels like lube…


10941765_10203669017791424_410249627_n3. Next for the concealer! I’ve been using a rimmel one as reviewed in one of my previous posts. Although I do alternate between this and a solid rimmel concealer, depending on what foundation I use. As I’m using my mac foundation, I decided to pick this product as I don’t really need a thick coverage from my concealer with using my mac studio fix.  





10937562_10203669017111407_909159630_n4. Next with a brush, I put my mac studio fix on my face. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know this is my ‘going out’ foundation. I’ve used this, as I didn’t see the point in using my day time foundation to contour my face, when I wouldn’t contour my face during the day. 




5. Now it’s finally time to contour! I add bronzer using my real techniques expert face brush, to my temples, my hairline, my cheek bones, my jaw line, and down the sides of my nose. Then using my fingers, I add highlighter to the middle of my nose, the top of my cheeks, above my nose, under my eyebrows, and along the lines between my nose and mouth (I didn’t know the correct term). I use the Bourjois bronzing and highlighter palette for all this, apart from the lines on my nose of which I use MUA bronzer, as I feel this blends better on my nose.



10942299_10203669014911352_434973217_n6. Now using my rimmel face powder and my Avon brush, I blend the products together and this is the result. My lighting is pretty shit in my room as it goes from dim to blinding depending on which lights I have one. And as I didn’t see the point in adding a filter to the photo, I apologise for the quality! 





I use contouring more to highlight my features, instead of to create them. My cheek bones and my favourite part of my face, so that’s why I like to highlight them. It just gives me more confidence in my face in pictures. Obviously I wouldn’t do this for during the day as my make-up routine would take forever! So I hoped you like my post, or at least had a laugh at my no make-up selfie!


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My obsession with Missguided

As a girl, I just want to have a new outfit every time I go out…as a student, I know I can’t.

Since I was about 15 I’ve been in love with Topshop. I don’t know why, but I think the clothes in there are just so much better. I walk in and there’s about a million and one things I want in there…and then I look at the price tag! Don’t get me wrong, I still buy of stuff out of Topshop (because if you love something, the love will never truly go away…HAHA CRINGE). But in 2014, I discovered Missguided…

Not only does Missguided have in my opinion, the best ‘going out clothes’ you can get for your moneys worth. But also the jersey tops are on par with topshop, as not only are they the exact same quality, but they’re a lot cheaper!

Most of my dresses are in fact from Missguided. With a dress averaging between £20-£30, treating myself now and again will not dent my student budget too much.

Here are my favourite picks from 2014:

10917521_10203614627031689_336311592_nSeptember. The only problem was at the time I was loosing weight, and with Missguided sizes being slightly big, I had to get the dress one the left altered around my stomach and ribs, as I thought the size smaller would be too small. And the dress on the right was unfortunately too big around my stomach as well. Once that had been sorted, I loved the dresses! Especially the one on the left, as I seemed to get a lot of compliments on it. I think you can never go wrong with a little black dress as I doubt black will ever go out of fashion…well I’m hoping so anyway!!!





Carrying on my LBD obsession I purchased this dress. Being only 5ft4 I did have to have the dress shortened, but as you can see, I still think it’s a nice length. I think this dress photographs really well, and I really love the cut. I think it’s one of them dresses you can just shot on when you can’t decide what to wear, and you still know you’ll look nice. The only problem is having to wear certain underwear due to the mesh around my hips! But apart from that, I love this dress!




Please pay no attention to the skirt as it’s about two years old and from Miss Selfridge…this is a shout out to the bralet! I bought this bralet on Missguided double discount (always a bad time for my weekly budget), and I think I only paid £13 for it! I have dragged this out for halloween, and wore it on at least 4 nights out with this skirt…which is good for me!!! And it’s been worn with a few of my Topshop skirts (see my new going out clothes here). I think in Topshop, very very similar bralets were being sold for about £25/30. So for half the price…you definitely can’t complain.



This was my end of term christmassy dress. I think its quite similar to the likes of Jones and Jones, but absoultely no where near the price, at £35. I really love this dress as it’s so different to anything I’d normally wear. And at chrismas, you can’t not add a bit of glitter to wardrobe! I think the mesh adds a slight sexiness to the dress, and stops it looking too girly.

I’m a bit of a weirdo, as I’ll associate clothes with the memories I had in them. I think because I had such an amazing night the night I first wore this, I think i’ll forever love this dress. (I know…I’m a bit cringey).




My jersey picks10751972_10203614626391673_480692219_n

As I’ve already mentioned, I love the jersey tops from Missguided, so I couldn’t not include my two favourite ones…sorry I couldn’t pick just one!

This is a jersey wrap top in green as you can see…although it does come in a wide range of colours now! It’s quite a versatile top, as it looks smart caus with a pair of jeans during the day, and can be dressed up with some leather trousers on a night. My favourite things about the top is the lovely green colour, and the shape, as it’s just so different. I think I purchased this for around £15, so it’s an absoulte bargain!








This is my newest Missguided top. I love the a-symmetric cut as it makes it a lot more interesting than your average white cotton jersey. Although I’m wearing it with my blue ripped jeans, the top looks so much better with my black skinnys, achieving a monochrome look.


What do you think of Missguided? Do you often purchase clothes off the site? How do you think it compares to the likes of Topshop? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Lucy x

The new ‘going out’ products

Like I’ve already said, I try to get most of my make-up for Christmas and birthdays. I would feel so guilty buying Mac and Benefit out of my student loan!

Vodka? Beans? Mixer?…Justifiable!..Some new benefit eye shadow…maybe not!

I spent so much of my Christmas money on make-up, and my Mam also got me a few things as well. Here’s my new products:

10921860_10203601838591986_768475894_nI always wear Mac studio fix on nights out. I really love the coverage, and the way it feels on my skin! And for Mac foundation, just over £20 is definitely reasonable! Each bottle lasts me around 6 months as I only wear it 2-3 times a week. This is the best foundation I’ve ever found for my skin. I would wear it throughout the door, but I think the coverage is slightly too heavy for a day time.This is the best foundation I’ve ever found for my skin. I would wear it throughout the door, but I think the coverage is slightly too heavy for a day time. Plus I’m a student, I can’t really justify frequently buying mac foundation!




I know most people are team urban decay, but personally I’m more of a benefit fan. The smokin’ eyes palette I’ve used since I was about 16! 4 and a half years later I’ve finally used up two of the colours, so it was definitely time for a new one! I’ve used several other make-up brands to try and create the perfect smokey eye, but this by far is my favourite. I know the pictures are pretty rubbish as I’d saved them with the filter…but you can get the idea.


10904944_10203605649087246_596847927_nThe bright eyes palette is my new favourite eye palette! It’s perfect forday, and night time as an alternative to the smokey. From the picture, I can definitely understand why it’s called ‘bright eye’!





This was a night out look I had this week. I’m wearing my mac foundation, and using the benefit bright eyes palette with a mac lipstick in shade ‘mehr’. Lately I’ve been keeping my face reasonably natural, and contrasting with a nude or a bold lipstick depending on my outfit.

I normally wear false eyelashes, but this particular night the weather in Sunderland was ridiculous, so there was no chance of my eyelashes staying on!



This is my new mac lipstick in shade ‘media’. I was scrolling through twitter one night over Christmas, and stumbled across this shade on one of them cringey quote twitter pages. I sent it to my best friend like hmmm, this is a bit different from my usual nude! I paired it with the rimmel lip liner in shade 064.









This is a picture of me wearing the shade. (My liner has gone slightly astray as I’d had a drink sorry!) Having quite big lips, I like to define the shape of my top lip slightly, as I really hate the size of my lips. I really don’t understand people who go out and cover their faces in lip liner, as I’d love to have small lips!


10904379_10203601824831642_1001269665_nThese are a couple of Avon products my Mam chose for me for Christmas… I’m sure she’s trying to tell me something buying me a correction palette?

After testing the product and following the instructions in the box, I thought it seemed a lot of hassle for the results. I think I generally have quite good skin, so I think I’d rather personally stick with my usual concealer.

As well, I’m not really a fan of eye shadow pencils. I don’t really think you get accurate results compared to powder, and these were no different. However the one thing I can say, about this product is that I’ve had eye shadow pencils I’ve had in the past have tended to snap…so least this one is still in one piece!

I also got new collection of brushes, but I’ll mention that when I get round to writing my post on contouring.

What do you think of my reviews? Do you use these products, or would recommend any better? Drop me a comment!

Lucy x

New semester ‘going out’ clothes

Following on from the last blog post, this post is focuses just on my new ‘going out’ clothes.

On a weekly basis, I probably go out 2-3 times a week (I’m a student…it’s hard to say no!). In the club on a Monday, I tend to not get dressed up, and go out more ‘smart casual’. Wednesday’s are more of a dressy night for me, so I’ll normally wear a dress and comfy heels. On a Friday I normally stick to leather leggings, black jeans, or a playsuit with some chunky boots.

Here are my new New semester ‘going out’ clothes:

This is a long bondage style crop top from Topshop, and a pair of Topshop shorts. The top is cut out at the side, although you can’t see from the photo. However, these are not the shoes I wore on that particular night as I didn’t have them in the house at the time, so for the photo I’ve teamed the outfit with my over the knee boots. I’m a firm believer of showing one part of my body, that’s why I’ve choose to go for a longer top, as the shorts are quite short. I think wearing smart shorts makes a good alternative to wearing dresses, and with my massive dress collection, wearing an outfit like this is definitely something a bit different.







This is my new favourite outfit! This playsuit is from the concessions section in Topshop, and I really can’t describe how much I love it! The playsuit as you can tell is really fitted and shows off my waist, but also skims over my bum and stomach which I’m happy about! Although as I’m only 5ft4, the playsuit is quite short on me as you can see, so this is one time in my life being short as had an advantage! I wore this outfit on NYE, and got quite a lot of compliments, so I definitely plan on dragging this out on a weekly basis for a while!





kjlThis a velvet mesh t shirt dress I bought from Missguided (click here for link as it doesn’t photograph well!) It’s one of them ‘go-to’ outfits, as I can just shot it on with a pair of tights if I hadn’t been bothered to shave my legs…we’ve all been there! The mesh shows a bit of your figure of as well, because if the whole dress had been fully velvet, it really wouldn’t have done anything for me at all!




Although I’ve already posted the skirt in my casual section, I prefer this look as it’s a bit edgier with the lace crop and a leather jacket. I wore this for a ‘last minute’ night out at the start of the week. Although once I got in the club I just shot the jacket in the staff room ( I work there) because it was boiling and I find it weird wearing a jacket on a night out…it’s a north east thing!


Keeping it on a student friendly theme, a lot of my clothes are mix and match (the black lace crop top gets worn with everything and only cost me £13 from missguided). The most expensive outfit was the shorts and top as everything else was under £40, although yet again, the outfit will be getting mixed and matched. As a student, you ALWAYS have to justify it!

What did you think of my night out choices? I’m trying to mix my wardrobe up a lot, there’s why I only decided to only buy one dress, as my dress collection is ridiculous already! Plus it’s winter so it’s freezing! Feel free to drop me a comment!


New semester day time clothes

For Christmas, I was lucky enough, along with vouchers, to be given money to be spent purely on clothes. As a student, I obviously took full advantage of this, and I can’t describe how much really enjoyed spending it!

Apart from the odd top now and again, I allow myself to buy a dress once a month. I do this in order to buy more important things…like vodka. However most of my clothes I get off my parents for my birthday in June, some new autumn/winter clothes in September for going back to uni with, and obviously Christmas.

This is the majority of my new ‘day-time’ clothes featured below. However, I also10884803_10203518402306131_1705743239_n have a misguided asymmetric white jersey top (link here), some Topshop ‘Leigh’ black ripped jeans, which are both already packed to go back to uni with. And also a pair of Topshop ‘mom’ shorts, which I grabbed for £4.50!



The slightly cropped shirt is from  Motel Rocks. Although I’ve bought dresses from Motel in the past, i’ve never actually bought a top. The tapestry pattern is so pretty, and I really love the burgundy colour. Motel Rocks always does really good student discount, as I always keep an eye out for the common 25% offer!







As I’ve never posed for anything like this  before I felt a bit awkward…as you can tell! The above is just me attempting to sort myself out haha.

This top is from Topshop and the same cut as a green tapestry print one I already own. However the material on this a crepe, and the colour is a more springy mustard…therefore an excuse to buy it! Although I like this with jeans as pictured, the length is perfect to wear with leather leggings, for more of a grunge night time look. The jeans are also from topshop, and are from the ‘Leigh range’. The floppy hat is from Primark, and adds a more of a spring look, in comparison to a Fedora.



10913639_10203518406306231_1185910467_n I love love love this Topshop skirt! As one of a lover of black and monochrome, I just couldn’t resist!

Also, it’s definitely the comfiest skirt I own! This is a perfect item to wear with jersey tops (such as the misguided one pictured) and thick jumpers this time of year, and then with a cami top throughout the summer.I sneakily left the tag on as I thought it might go in the sale…I was right haha! I then returned it and bought it at sale price. I’m a student…howay! The skirt is also a good piece to wear with heels on nights out! 



As I’ve already said, I love burgandy! Therefore I couldn’t resist this Topshop oversized blouse! (My Mam actually did iron this…) It’ll be a simple choice to shot on with jeans when I’m in a rush for uni, and can’t be bothered to root my way through the piles of clothes on my floor.

Although Topshop at times is pricey despite the  student discount, you cannot fault the quality! I would rather get my main piece from Topshop such as the skirt, then head to misguided for jersey tops. Which are in fact cheaper and identical to Topshop! Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, Motel Rocks is extremely student friendly at times, and so is Misguided (post to come on my love for the site!).

I wanted all my new pieces to be quite versatile for nights out and the spring. As student, I can’t really afford to constantly buy new clothes (well I could, but I would be forever sat in with no vodka/jager money), so I tried to get pieces I know I would get my ware out of.

What do you think of my choices? Feel free to comment and let me know!

Luce x

This semesters ‘day time’ make-up

I’m one of them people that puts a massive front on. I really believe acting confident, even though you might not feel it,  will just make you feel so much better in yourself! I get my confidence from my make-up.

Don’t get me wrong, my house mates have seen me in some states..mostly hungover with last nights make up on, (bad habit), hair stuck, and a massive onsie on. Also I’m not bad if I’m with someone, I definitely wouldn’t be waking up early to put foundation and a bit of mascara on. But I just couldn’t imagine spending a whole day outside without make up on.

“>For me, it’s get my eye-liner even, stop my eyebrows from sticking up, make sure my lashes aren’t clumpy, and now it’s time to be confident!

So before each semester starts, I like to try and stock up on as much make up as I can, so I don’t spend my loan on it…I feel less guilty that way! This post will focus on my average day time make up, as these products are a lot friendlier on a student budget! All the make-up featured below was bought for £50 from a christmas boots voucher (minus the eyelure eyelashes which were bought from Superdrug).



Products bought

  1. Rimmel lasting finish foundation in True Ivory 
  2. Supercat Soap and Glory eyeliner
  3. Rimmel Provocalips lip colour in Kiss Fatal 
  4. Rimmel Lash Accelerator
  5. L’oreal Brow mascara
  6. Barry M Brow Pen
  7. Rimmel Match Perfection concealer and highlighter
  8. Rimmel Fix and Protect primer 
  9. Rimmel blusher in Bronze
  10. Barry M Gelly in Plum


Continued purchases

I have been buying this primer for a while. I think the primer feels great on my skin, without being too heavy compared to other primers. Plus it’s a lot cheaper in comparison to other brands!
Out of all the day time foundations I have ever bought, I really like the coverage and finish of Rimmel lasting finish. The coverage is enough for a natural day time look, without being too heavy on my skin.
The mascara I bought is also a personal favourite. It allows a false eyelash effect, but at the same time natural, without clumps! The mascara is easily build-able for a more noticeable night time look, if you prefer not to wear false eyelashes.
The blush is a product I have worn for years. With my skin tone, a pinker blush would look silly, so I always prefer to go for a more bronze look.
Rimmel Provocalips lip colour is my all time favourite lip product (minus mac lipstick). It literally doesn’t budge, and the range of colours are so good! I own a few now.
I don’t really think the Barry M gelly range needs a comment, I think most of the country own at least 5 by now!

New Purchases

The soap and glory eye-liner is my new favourite product! I’ve tried similar productrs in other brands such as Rimmel and No7, and the quality in comparison is shocking! The eye-liner goes on literally like a felt tip, (which other brands claim to and fail). The size and shape of the product allows you to create winged eye-liner so easily! Couldn’t reccomend any more!
I have finally bit the bullet and had HD eyebrows. I’ve never even had my eyebrows waxed before a few days ago (I know…bad Lucy). So I’ve bought new products that would encourage me to keep on top of them. The Barry M brow pen allows you to match the condition of your eyebrows as if you were walking straight out of your appointment! The product is a bit tricky to use as it’s so chunky, but once you get to grips with it, you’ll love the result. I also bought the brow mascara from L’oreal. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what brow mascara was, but once I sussed it, my eyebrows looked so much thicker. I really love it!

I really think all these products are definitely available on a student budget, and apart from the foundation and mascara, the products will last me throughout the semester. Have you tried these products? What do you think of my review? Please comment and let me know!

Luce x


Before you continue reading this you need to know a couple of things. Firstly, I am not a fashion student, or study anything remotely to do with fashion. I’m just someone who likes to read a lot of magazines, stalk instagram, and likes to buy stuff!  Obviously, feel free to disagree with my opinions, but I’m not an expert, or pretend to be so.

I’ve always been interested in fashion and clothes. I know it’s a bad habit, but a new outfit always makes me feel so much better about myself when I’m feeling a bit down! Everyone who know’s me well, knows how much I love the colour black….so buying myself a new black dress will definitely cheer me up!

Last year is the first year I started gaining a proper interest in make-up. Obviously I’ve worn it a long time, but I’ve mainly stuck to rimmel products in the past. So i’ve blundered through last year making a few daft mistakes as I’ve experimented with different products. So expect me to make a few more mistakes this year!

Anything probably worth knowing about me will be in my ‘about me’ page! So I hope you enjoy you reading my blog, and feel free to follow and comment!


Thank you, Luce x