How to know if you’re being stalked on social media

And the apps you need to download right now!

Do you ever get curious about who’s scrolling through your twitter profile, or spending the most time on your Instagram grid? Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely do!  I even watch to see who’s checking out Snapchat and Instagram stories. I know, it’s really sad, but I like to know whos’ watching!

We all thought the days of Snapchat ‘best friends’ were a thing of the past. But what if I could tell you I know exactly who’s spending the most time on my Instagram profile, who my ‘ghost followers’ are, and even who’s taking time to let all my pictures but refusing to follow me back? Yeah, these features blow Snapchat ‘best friends’ out of the water! Read on to discover how to find out whos’ stalking you on social media…



Using social media as a blogger/influencer

The way you use social media if you’re a blogger or an influencer is so much different from the average person. Before I was a blogger, I’d just follow a load of random celebs and people I hardly knew. Just because I’m super nosy! But being a blogger, social media becomes all about engagement and numbers.

Potential brands are looking for engagement rates, (and that’s how people often spot bots!) So you have to prioritise people who follow you back and tend to like/comment on your posts and then unfollow the ones that don’t. This is all within reason though, don’t go unfollowing your close friends if they’ve missed the odd post! Social media is all about numbers too. So if you’re following 1500 people and only 200 people are following you, a brand may think you’re content and engagement rate is poor, so they’ll think twice about working with you.

The aim of a blogger is to always have a higher number of followers in comparison to the number you’re following yourself. But as your platforms grow, this isn’t always possible! So instead, the brand will look at how many people are interacting with you online. And if you’re barely getting comments and likes but have a huge following, brands will definitely question why that is. But don’t worry, an explanation of my favourite apps are below to help you improve your engagement rate and the way you use your social media platforms.



This is the app I used to track my Instagram stats. It’s free to initially download the app, but if you want ‘plus’ features, it’ll set you back £5 a month. I’ve found this app really helpful in discovering who wasn’t following me back. As well as discovering who was spending the most time on my profile (more on that later!) See below for all the features.



These are the people spending the most time on your profile. They don’t necessarily have to be following you, just spending a lot of time there.

Secret Admirers

The people not following you, but liking a lot of your images.

Ghost followers

These are the people who are following you but not liking your content or watching your stories.


You are both following each other.

Best friends

You are following each other and liking a lot of each other’s content.

Not following me back/I’m not following back

Self-explanatory really! This is a useful tool for seeing the people that have unfollowed you before downloading the app.

Best likers/ Best commenters/ Worst likers/ Worst commenters

These tools are useful for finding out who are the best and worst engagers.

Lost followers

This is the tool bloggers rave about! With tracker, you get a notification everytime someone unfollows you. This is super useful for discovering the bloggers who follow/unfollow for following numbers.


Twit Follow

This app isn’t as technical as Tracker, but it’s useful to see the users who have unfollowed you. I don’t think Twitter is as much as numbers game in comparison to Instagram and is a whole lot more about interaction. So I try to follow bloggers who’s tweets I enjoy reading or the people and brands who tend to interact with me.


As you can see, the tools are very similar to tracker so I won’t repeat myself. I found this tool really useful for discovering the bloggers that have unfollowed me over the years or never followed me back. And Twit Follow even lets you unfollow these people from the app! This tool is also very useful in seeing the rate your followers are growing, letting you know if you should be investing more time into growing your twitter.

Are you using these apps? Have you got any tracking apps you recommend? Please let me know in the comments!



My skincare routine to achieve flawless skin

My flawless skincare routine perfect for sensitive skin

So recently, I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted some skincare products! With having sensitive skin, I’ve been pretty limited to Nieva products, as everything else seems to bring me out in a rash! Face masks are a big no-no, with even products from Soap and Glory and Dermalogica having caused reactions. However, I finally got to mix my skincare routine up when I was gifted some new products. Read on to discover my flawless skincare routine which is perfect for sensitive skin.



My skincare routine

So I was lucky enough to be sent the M-Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask and several cleansing cloths from Cloud Cloth. Normally I just remove my makeup using Nieva make-up removal wipes, followed by moisturising with the Nieva 24 hour moisture boost. It was a hardly adventurous routine and I was jealous of my friends being able to use pretty much whatever product they liked.

I think I have fairly average skin, considering it’s sensitive. I sometimes get the odd spot. But I’ve never suffered from acne, even when I was a teenager. I normally get dry skin around my eyebrows, but that’s pretty standard from waxing. Considering I have sensitive skin, I’ve never actually had an allergic reaction to make-up. Heavy foundations do tend to cause more spots, but I’ve never had an issue using my current fave by Nars, (click here to read the review!)


(M)Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask

This is the first time ever a cleansing mask that hasn’t caused an allergic reaction. So I’m super grateful for having received this! To apply the mask, mix the powder with a small amount of water, which forms a sort of clay in your hands. It didn’t take me long to get the consistency right, but you can always adjust it till it feels right! Then apply it to your face and leave for a few minutes. You’ll notice your skin suddenly starts to firm up as the clay dries. This is when I removed it with warm water.

Often masks are really difficult to wash off. However, this washed off instantly, making me more likely to use it more regularly! I did sort of feel like I was giving off orange skrek vibes, but you’ve got to do these things in the name of beauty, right?

Visit (M)Botanicals to get your hands on the Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask for £25.

img_0649Cloud cloths

I removed the M-Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask using one of my cloud cloths. The cloud cloths come in a pack of three and are reusable by simply popping them in the washing machine. The cloud cloths are double-sided, so one side is super soft and is perfect for removing make-up, masks and skincare products. And is completely fine to be used on sensitive skin, like mine! With the other side designed for exfoliation and buffing the skin.

I’ve never used anything like this before, but I was super impressed! The cloths are so soft and removed the mask instantly. I plan to really utilise these cloths in my skincare routine, so I can’t wait to try them using different products.

Vist cloud cloth to get your hands on a pack of three for just £8. 


Have you tried any of these products before? What’s your usual skincare routine? Please let me know in the comments!

Knocking International Women’s Day on it’s head

Do females really support other females?

I read an amazing blog post the other day about how female friendships change in your mid-twenties. And it really got me thinking and inspired this post. Unless you were living under a social media sized rock this Thursday, you’ll know it was international women’s day. And International Women’s day is all about women supporting women, right? But the reality is, even though we don’t like to admit it, how many females are genuinely really supportive of each other’s achievements, relationships, and careers? Read on to discover my thoughts.


International Women’s Day

My experience at university, rightly or wrongly, was always a competitive one. I went to two different universities and definitely saw a pattern with some of my female coursemates. As everyone strives for the top grades and the top jobs, they seemed to be a bitchy underlying tone to it all. Most of the females weren’t genuinely happy for each other’s achievements. But the boys seemed to have a bit of different experience! If they got that amazing job interview or performed well on that exam, it’s just a pat on the back and a ‘well done mate!‘ No bitchy underlining tone to be seen!

My friends supporting me through my achievements

I’ve noticed a change in my friends when I’ve had amazing opportunities come my way. As my blog has grown, I’ve had so-called friends make digs about the experiences and the opportunities that my blog has brought. I’ve been blogging now for over three years. And I’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into growing Life Of Luce. So I don’t really understand why females can’t just be happy for other females when their hard work pays off?

I’ve also had a friend make digs when I got into The University of Leeds and also when I got my job and moved to Sheffield. Moving to a different city two years in a row takes courage. And I also don’t think these opportunities were just handed to me, I’ve had to work for them.

Supporting my female friends

I’m so supportive and happy for my friends when they do well, so I don’t understand why all females aren’t like this? My two best friends have just started blogging and instead of taking a competitive approach, I offered my help! Even creating the WordPress site for one of them. And I genuinely hope their blogs do well because I don’t think life is a competition.

I also don’t think social media helps! Everyone know’s each other’s ‘highlights’ aren’t an accurate reflection of their lives. And my social media is definitely far from the truth! But females are still competing to look prettier or slimmer, or even dress better, than the other females they see as they scroll down. But when you take a step back, who even cares?

Why it’s okay to let go of those unsupporting friends

Like I’ve already said, not all your friends will support you through your decisions, achievements, and regrets. Some of my close circle of friends have changed recently and that’s totally fine! Your twenties are all about change. But as you change, you’ll notice the people around begin to start doing the same.

There’s really nothing worse than tension in a friendship, especially with an unsupporting friend. Sometimes you’ve got to respect yourself enough as a person, to realise not everyone that had a place in your past, deserves to make it into your future. Letting go of people only makes room for new people and new opportunities. And without these new people and new opportunities, you won’t be able to move forward or grow.


Do you truly believe women support other women? Have you experienced unsupportive friendships? Please let me know in the comments! 

What happened when I got body-shamed in the gym

How to deal with feeling uncomfortable at the gym

So I’ve been going to the gym regularly for nearly two years now. And in that time, not once have I felt uncomfortable during my workout. Sometimes I feel a bit bloated post-treat day, the joys of having IBS! But other than that, I feel pretty comfortable walking around in my lyrca. This was until a few weeks ago when I got body-shamed during my workout. Read on to discover what happened…img_9552

My body-shame story

So a couple of weeks ago I was doing my usual gym routine (you can follow it by clicking here!) and during this gym session, I got body-shamed by a group of lads. Normally I always take my headphones to the gym, but this evening I accidentally left them in the car. With it being absolutely freezing outside, I decided I’d just power through my routine without music. After doing the cardio section of my workout, I headed towards the hip reduction machine. When I got there, there was a group of lads stood around this corner of the gym. In the nicest possible way, these lads were the type of people you’d avoid in the street. Air maxes, caps, tracky bottoms…do I need to go on? They clocked I didn’t have any headphones in and began to taunt me.

At first, it wasn’t anything too upsetting. They said I was using the machine wrong as well making digs I was on my phone, while I was using the machine. If you know what a hip reduction machine looks like, I don’t see why you wouldn’t use/hold your phone! After this, they began to body-shame me. They taunted me, telling me I had a ‘stomach on me’, trying their best to make me feel really uncomfortable. Up until this point, I’d kept my head down, hoping they’d just get bored. But when a group of males purposely body-shames a girl on her own in the gym, it’s just one step too far.

I’m a size 6 petite girl, I’m definitely not fat and I don’t have a ‘stomach on me’. But it’s hardly the point, is it? I’d like to add that the staff at Pure Gym Sheffield were super helpful. As soon as I alerted the staff, the group of males headed straight to the door. It was hardly surprising, they obviously knew what they’d been doing was wrong.

I got told at the very least they’d get a strict warning from the gym, if not banned. But if I was really insecure about my body, this experience would have definitely made me think twice about heading back to the gym.

How to deal with feeling uncomfortable at the gym

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

Just because you see someone on Instagram wearing leggings and a crop top, it doesn’t mean you have to! When I have a bad IBS flare up, the last thing I want to do is just wear a crop top! No one cares about how you look at the gym, other than you! So wear clothes that make you feel comfortable during your workout.

Remember your headphones

Listening to music helps me zone out during my workout. If you find the gym an uncomfortable environment, listening to music will give you a much needed distraction and relax you.

Avoid peak times

If you find the gym uncomfortable, try and avoid going at peak times! If there are fewer people in the gym, you might find your workout a lot less stressful. Also, fewer people in the gym, means fewer people using your machines! So chances are, you’ll be able to complete your workout faster.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the gym? Have you got any tips on dealing with it? Please let me know in the comments!

Febuary’s beauty brand of the month: Zoeva

The budget beauty brand with the high-quality finish

I’ve been eyeing up Zoeva on Beauty Bay for a while now, but I’m a bit fussy when it comes to ordering beauty products online! But throughout this year, each month I’m aiming to do a feature where I try out and review a beauty brand I’ve used tried before, (you can read last month’s here! ) And as you can see, February’s beauty brand of the month is Zoeva. Read on to discover my thoughts on the brand…




A bit about Zoeva

Zoeva is a German cosmetics brand with a focus on the individual beauty of women with a love for colour cosmetics and pretty make-up brushes. All their products are super affordable. Think palettes from just £17.50! But as well as being super affordable, Zoeva also has a reputation for creating amazing pigmentation in their products too. I’ve been reading reviews on Beauty Bay for a while now, so I was really excited to finally get my mitts on the products and try them out for myself!


My thoughts

I don’t really use blusher in my everyday makeup look, as I normally opt for a subtle contour followed by lots of highlighter. However, a couple of make-up artists have recently told me about how using a little blusher just completes and softens your look. So I put myself on a little mission to expand my blusher collection!

The Nude Spectrum Blush Palette has really good reviews on Beauty Bay. And for just £15 I was really curious about the product. And when it came, I was not disappointed! I applied it for the first time this morning and I couldn’t believe how pigmented the shades are! I was planning to mix to colours together, but the first swipe of my brush was definitely enough product! The shades are slightly pinkier than how they appear on the palette. But as they’re matte brown hues, I think having a slightly pinkier finish makes it easier to blend into your contour.

The rose golden luxe cheek finish brush is really pretty, with super soft brushes. It’s such a good size too. As often powder brushes can be unnecessarily bulky. But this brush fits in my makeup without taking up too much space. You can use the cheek finish brush to apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter. However, after a quick browse through the rose golden brush collection, I thought would get the most out of this brush by using it to apply powered blusher.


Get the look

I purchased both products directly from Beauty Bay together for £30, including next day delivery! I really recommend signing up for the newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest offers and discounts!

The Rose Golden Vol.2 126 Luxe Cheek Finish Brush is available from Beauty Bay at just £15


My Zoeva wishlist

Now I’m fell in love with these Zoeva products, I can’t wait to get my mitts on some more! Check out my wishlist below:

Zoeva Basic Moment Palette – £18



Have you tried Zoeva before? What do you think of the brand? Please let me know in the comments!

Are you spending too much money on clothes each month?

The average monthly clothes budgets are in

So a while back I did a little Instagram survey to discover if I was spending a normal amount of money on clothes each month. I find with being a blogger you’re always on the hunt for the latest trends. And when you see those trends…you want them ALL! I know, 21st-century struggs, right? So I was super curious to see if everyone else’s shopping habits were on par with mine. Read on to discover if you’re due a whole new wardrobe, or maybe it’s finally time to cut up that credit card…



The breakdown

So I asked my Instagram followers how much they were spending on clothes each month and I got the following results:

  • 29% are spending £50 or less each month
  • 41% are spending £50-£100 each month
  • 32.5% are spending £100-£200 each month
  • 17.5% are spending £200+ each month

I did think most people were spending around £100 a month before I put the survey together anyway. But I really don’t reckon £100 is overdoing it! It’s roughly what, a pair of shoes and maybe 2 tops? I’d say that’s a pretty average amount to spend! I suppose it does all come down to income and where you actually shop though.

Some month’s I’m all about quality and I might treat myself to some new Zara boots. But other month’s I find myself eyeing up about 20 items from e-commerce sites.


My shopping habits

I used to pretty much live in my gym clothes when I wasn’t wearing my old work uniform. But now I work in an environment where I can pretty much wear what I want. And a lot of marketing/PR agencies are like this now! But this means I’m wearing and washing my clothes a lot more than I ever have done before. Which means I’m wanting to buy more clothes than I ever have done before! Yes, Primark may seem like a bargain a time, but it doesn’t exactly wash well does it? Cue the weird fluffy bobbly bits on my favourite pussy bow dress…

I’ve been super tight the last couple of months with myself moving house and paying my car insurance off in whole among other things. Which unfortunately has meant no online shopping for Luce! As well as forcing myself to stay well away from Zara and Topshop. But normally, I break down my salary and give myself a ‘blog allowance’. So basically any clothes, make-up, and any other costs for my blog I might have to pay that month. This basically helps me keep my spending under wraps.


Shopping as a blogger

Like I’ve already mentioned, when you happen to be a fashion blogger, you also want to own every trend going! But in reality, most bloggers aren’t spending that much money on clothes, because well, they just can’t afford it!

Us bloggers know how to be pretty clever with our gram’s to make it look like we’ve got it all. But in reality, unless items are gifted, we’ve paid for all that ourselves. But at the end of the day though, I still want to have a life and go places and do things, as much as I want 3 pairs of new boots for an upcoming fashion shoot. So I find being a blogger is all about prioritizing and balance.


My shopping tips and tricks!

If you’re a big fan of shopping online like me, you’ll know there’s always a huge range of offers and discounts you can take advantage of! Missguided and Pretty Little Thing are always offering amazing discounts. So make sure to take advantage of them!

Plus always sign up for the newsletters! Pretty Little Thing sent me a 25% off code a few days ago. And considering how all their items are already good value for money anyway, I’ll definitely be able to get my mitts on a bargain now!

I also find it super helpful to write a list of the items you actually need each month and then budget for them.


Luce’s Lookbooks

As you can probably gather, I am literally the bargain queen! And over the past couple of month’s I’ve been putting together some lookbooks that won’t see you emptying your bank account. Check them out below and cut down your monthly spending!

Click here to read my January Berksha lookbook

Click here to read my February LOTD lookbook



Do you reckon you have good shopping habits? Do you have any tips and tricks? Please let me know in the comments!


My LOTD lookbook

Spotlight on Look Of The Day: the new affordable online fashion brand

Do you love fashion but hate emptying your bank account at the same time? Well, you’re gonna love this brand! I only ever shop e-commerce (think Missguided and PLT), when they’ve got a good discount code on. So I literally stalk their sites every day for good discounts so I can eventually get items I’ve been eyeing up, by parting with the least possible cash obvs! But LOTD has constant amazing discounts, especially if you’re a student or follow them on social media. Read on to find out more about the brand and check out my LOTD wishlist…


A bit about the brand

If you didn’t already know #LOTD is actually a well-known hashtag on Instagram, especially in the blogger world! So I reckon naming your brand after a well-known hashtag is pretty epic. LOTD is a go-to brand for getting all the fashion trends you’ve been liking Instagram, quickly hung up and straight into your wardrobe. But like I’ve already said, this brand offers seriously good discounts too! So if you need a quick clothes fix right before payday, this is the place to go to get a bargain delivered straight to your door.

They have everything from going out dresses, comfy casuals, to on-trend tops that are suitable for the office. And petty much everything other than coats and jackets is under £20! They’ve already teamed up with big names and influencers such as Louise Thompson. So I’m expecting big things from LOTD in 2018!

I’ve already purchased the mustard bodycon dress above, which I got my mitts on for just £7. As well as the black chunky boots below, which I paid just £14 for! Check out my LOTD lookbook below.



My LOTD lookbook

My favourite trends this season are monochrome and spring brights (click here to read the post) and Look of the Day are seriously channeling those trends right now. Below are all my fave new season picks which I’ll no doubt be treating myself to on payday! Gal’s gotta have something to get her through the month, right?

Colour block chevron top – £12

Polka-dot blouse – £15

Black tassel top – £15

Black and white stripe blouse – £15

Mustard fur coat – £50

Black and white stripe skirt – £12

Black fringe ankle boots – £12

Green high neck popper dress – £15


Have you purchased anything from LOTD before? What do you think of the brand? Please let me know in the comments!

How I achieve my flawless skin

The foundation you need for perfect Instagram worthy skin

I used to switch my foundations as often as I changed my mood. So if you know me well, you’ll know that’s a hell of a lot! But when you finally find a long-lasting foundation that just works for you, you can count your lucky stars that your days of patchy off-colored skin are finally over! Read on to read my full review of the All Day Luminous foundation by Nars


I recommend getting matched

I 100% recommend going to get your foundation matched professionally. I never for a second thought my perfect match would be the 4th shade from the lightest! But I can honestly say I’ve never had a foundation that’s ever acted like a second skin before. This foundation is super lightweight, with the highest coverage I’ve ever had from a foundation. I don’t like cakey heavy foundations, as I don’t think they look natural and tend to bring me out in spots. But All Day Luminous leaves my skin clear and spot free! I always apply foundation with a real techniques sponge.

It’s all in the base

If your base doesn’t sit perfectly on your skin, neither does the rest of your makeup! I prep my skin using NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Liquid Primer in yellow. The primer gets rid of any red spots and gives you a nice glow.

I set my foundation with the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. I apply my makeup around 8am each morning and my base is still perfect at 9pm when I remove it.

Get the look

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation – £34

NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Liquid Primer in yellow – £9

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – £24

Real techniques sponge – £4.93



Have you tried the All Day Luminous foundation before? What’s your favourite foundation? Please let me know in the comments!

How to style pops of colour this season

Styling monochrome with spring brights

I’ve always been of them girls who’ve just lived for #AllBlackEverything. But with Spring on its way, it’s about time I put my black jumpers and black skinnies to one side and inject some much needed colour into my wardrobe! Read on to find out my outfit details and how I styled the look…




Spring Brights

Spring brights have become my favourite trend this season so far. This winter feels like its dragging on forever. Like can it please stop snowing in Sheffield already?!! So I felt like I desperately needed to inject some colour into my wardrobe. However, I didn’t want to shy away from my usual style too much, as the colour black has a special space in my heart. So styling monochrome with pops of colour seemed like a good compromise.

Yellow, blue and red are my favourite colours to wear at the moment. And I think in this look, shotting them all together just seemed to work. I also took inspiration from new brand LOTD when styling this look. I’ll be putting together a post on the brand next week, with all my new season favourite items, so keep your eyes peeled for that! (Click here to view last month’s picks from Bershka) 

Knits for Spring

Knits aren’t just for winter! A cardigan is a good alternative to a coat when spring temperatures kick in. However, try to avoid knits in darker colours! Look for knits in shades of mustard, red and blue to brighten up your look.

Bargain accessories

I don’t like spending a lot of money on accessories. Because I’m always switching up my style, I feel like each outfit needs a bag or a hat to complete the look. I’ve purchased a whole heap bags and accessories from  Primark and Newlook lately. I just try to keep my accessories under £10 to justify buying them so often!

The blue beret is my latest style at just £4 from Primark. I know I’ll probably get bored of the beret in a month or so, so I don’t feel so guilty about spending just £4!


Shop the look

Black and White Striped top – Topshop £36

Dark Blue Denim skirt With a Belt Buckle (SOLD OUT) Similar – Topshop £30

Mustard boyfriend Fit Cardigan – Boohoo £22

Black platform boots – LOTD £20

Suede Red Bag – New Look £9.99

Blue Beret – £4 Primark


What do you think of the spring brights trend? What are your favourite pieces from my look? Please let me know in the comments!


*All these images were shot by Matt McCormick in Leeds. I highly recommend Yorkshire bloggers to book him for a shoot! Click here to check out his work! 

Are we the laziest generation yet?*

All the gear, but no idea!

The British population is obsessed with home improvement projects, with the average Brit redecorating their home around 36 times throughout their lifetime — and each project usually takes around 18 days, on average, from start to finish. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my bedroom!

Data from the Office for National Statistics has also predicted that those in the UK collectively spend almost £30 billion on home improvements annually. That works out at £43 million each week! With those figures, business must be booming for traders in the construction industry, right? With the rise of DIY tasks, some Brits are choosing to take on the projects themselves and avoid hiring professionals. We our generation struggling to put together a mortgage deposit, this only makes sense, right? Because of this, home improvement projects might actually be stunting the growth of the construction industry! 


The rise of DIY

Britain has become a nation of DIY enthusiasts, with the average person spending around £1,085 on DIY improvements. Furthermore, 15% of Brits attempt all DIY tasks themselves, whilst DIY stores have seen an increase of around 42% in sales for DIY products. This could be down to the fact that less than one in ten homeowners currently consider their home to be perfect, with 55% saying they have a long to-do list of improvements and changes they would like to get done. It’s just never ending isn’t it?

Women are picking up tools!

And it is not just the stereotypical male that is getting involved with DIY tasks. The Telegraph reported a rise in the female DIY-er. 70% of women said they are happy to do DIY around the house, and 77% said they would happily strip a room of wallpaper without asking for any help. Furthermore, in a B&Q survey, three-quarters of women believe themselves to be just as competent at basic DIY skills as any man — and of the 60% of women who are currently in a relationship, 35% say that they do more home improvements around the house than their partners.

Topping the list of home improvement jobs that homeowners are keen to do are: installing a new kitchen and/or bathroom, laying new carpet, painting walls, and building an extension — most of which will require an experienced homeowner to achieve by themselves. The most easily achieved DIY tasks are actually among the most outstanding jobs in the British home: painting and wallpapering, buying new furniture, and laying decking or a patio in the garden.

Is our love for DIY affecting people’s jobs though?

However, 82% of Brits apparently put off doing essential DIY jobs for an average of 26 days and 10% will delay DIY tasks for more than three months — can you afford to wait that long? Many homeowners believe that a lack of time is stopping them from getting everything done in their homes. In fact, three quarters worry that they are never going to get their homes to a point where they are completely happy with them because of a lack of time, money and know-how.

Despite these figures, just 16% of people always hire a professional. Decorating appears to be one of the most common jobs that people hire a professional for; more than a fifth call in a professional to put wallpaper up, while another 15% get decorators in instead of undertaking a paint-job themselves.

The construction industry encompasses everything from builders, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, to decorators, architects, surveyors, and engineers. 23% of homeowners believe their home requires mainly major work to make their home perfect, suggesting that a professional is needed — and figures agree, with 28% saying a professional is needed to do the work that they want to do. Maybe DIY has its limitations?

A generation change?

Recent reports appear to claim it has. Some studies have revealed that DIY is actually on the decline — good news for the construction industry. And this could be down to a change in attitudes throughout generations. Over 50s seem to have no problems with trying DIY work in the home to save money and achieve something themselves. However, only 1% of the younger generation, 25-35 year olds, would try and do the work themselves, meaning 99% of them would rather hire a professional.


What are your thoughts towards DIY and home improvements? Would you rather get the professionals in, or pop down to your local B&Q? Please let me know in the comments!


This post was written in collaboration with Niftylift, work platform suppliers*